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Hulk Hogan: Still The Creepiest

A photo of Hulk Hogan

But why is Hulk Hogan the creepiest this time? It’s because he tweeted this picture of his daughter:

A photo of Brooke Hogan

And he just captioned it “Brooke’s legs.” Gross.

Now, this is creepy enough on it’s own, I think – I mean, if my dad did this … I don’t know, I can’t even imagine this, probably because my dad isn’t gross – but what makes it really creepy is when you remember this picture:

A photo of Brooke Hogan and Hulk Hogan

Yep, that’s Hulk applying suntan lotion to his daughter’s ass. He really got in there, too. There are photos that I don’t care to post of him pretty much rubbing his hand between her inner thighs. I don’t care to post it because it seriously makes me uncomfortable.

Other reasons why the picture of Brooke’s legs is creepy include the fact that Hulk slept with one of Brooke’s friends who happens to resemble her, and also because he married a woman who could basically be Brooke’s twin. Have we firmly established the creepiness yet?

Ok then, let’s move on to why Hulk and Brooke say the picture isn’t creepy. Here’s Brooke’s tweet:

A dad can’t even be proud of his daughter without sickos makin it something it’s not. Really?? Go back to your farm animals. ?#ignorant

And Hulk’s:

Brooke works out for 2hrs a day,a fan takes a picture,Brooke love it,tweets back thank u,proud dad tweets it,creeps and perverts everywhere

For what it’s worth, Brooke defended her dad during that lotion debacle by saying things like “he used to change my diaper” and “it’s like he’s touching an old car.” You know, if old cars had nice asses.

Are you thoroughly disturbed yet?

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  • He likes blondes? Well, that just sets it over the edge. Hold on a second…I’m a brunette and my brother likes to date brunettes. OH HOLY SHIT, WE’RE INCESTUOUS. I NEVER KNEW!

  • Some families are a little different…I was in a wedding a few years ago wherein the brides father placed the garter on her leg. Too high. Thigh height….I was weirded and, but no in else was. Everyone cred like this was a steadfast tradition (one I’ve NEVER EVER seen or heard of before).
    When I got married and the photographer took pictures of us getting ready, I was asked if my father or ‘a special person’ was coming in to place my garter. When I said ‘no, just me’ the photographer was legitimately confused, he was worried he wouldn’t get one of the standard shots…I this really a thing people do?
    Maybe we are prudes, but the one time my dad entered my room as a teen (whiteout knocking) I was in the midst of putting on a sweater (over an under tank) and neither my dad or I made eye contact with each other for a week, and never talked about it again. Wasp rules are different than Hogan rules, my dad doesn’t know I have an ass, much less a nice one that needs lotion.

    • Yeah, I agree that families have different levels of what they’re comfortable with regarding physical contact (for example, my boyfriend’s family never, ever hugs or anything of the sort). I mean, I don’t kiss my family on the lips, but some people do. It’s their family, it’s what they’re OK with. As long as it’s not in a sexual manner, whatever.

      • EXACTLY. It gets really annoying to hear people say how gross these kind of relationships are gross or sick. (just like there are some people who think hugging is gross). My family kisses on the lips, no big deal. Nothing sexual about it. so what it the Hulk admires his daughter’s legs? I for one find nothing weird with it: he just seems like a dad who really loves his kids.

  • Jesus my typing! *weirdes out *acted, not cred *without, not whiteout. Damn these darling little hands of mine.

  • I don’t realy know where I stand on this, certainly me and my dad don’t have this relationship – but is it really all that weird? yes, her dad’s a creeper to have banged a friend of hers. But this whole thing that he married a woman that looks like her? His ex-wife who gave birth to Brooke, looks like her. He likes blondes, and he has a close relationship to his daughter.. and his type is probably women that look like his ex-wife.

  • Don’t forget that the mother is on/off with a BOY who was in between her children in grades in school. This bunch is whacked the hell out.
    My dad used to change my diapers, too, but unlike Hogan it never have him a boner. Sick bastard.
    These idiots can rationalize this all day long & never realize that they’re the ONLY two who think this is “normal.”

  • Id tweet a pic of my dad’s legs, his calves are SICK for a 52 year old man. There’s nothing pervy about that tho right? Can we stop being sexist.

  • All families are different. I have seen my parents naked because we have no problem seeing each other’s bodies. I don’t care for my dad seeing me naked and likewise because I know there’s nothing weird about it. What may seem weird to you is the most normal thing for someone else, completely devoid of any sexual component. Also, Brooke’s mum is also a blonde with big boobs, so maybe Hulk Hogan has a type and the daughter they had together looked like her mum. The only thing I find weird is that both parents are dating people who could be their children. That is all.

    • You don’t think it weird for parent and children to see each other naked after the child is grown ? But you think it’s weird for them to be dating someone who could be their children ? That just doesn’t make since !!!!! I don’t agree with them dating such young people but at least they are legal !!!! It’s just creepy to see your family members naked because they’re really is no need for it at all !!!!! Why would you want to see anyone in your family naked ? Maybe it’s just me but I don’t get it and it really creeps me out and makes me uncomfortable !!!!!

      • Not at all. The sexual element is taken out. Unless you cannot look at a naked body without being sexual, even if it’s family. In that case, that makes you the sick one. The thing with liking someone who could be your child, say a 50 some year old to an 18 year old, is because many in their 18s still look quite childish, and that can be a bit creepy, because there is a sexual attraction to someone who looks like a child. But whatever, I dont even know what their respective partners look like, so they may be a really old looking 18 y/o.

  • Most normal parents will tell people how proud they are of their children for doing something good in school or their job !! something to that affect not because of something sexual like a body part !!!! But I’m sure Brooke has never done anything in her live to be proud of , all she’s ever done is hang on her dads career that’s why she has time to work out for two hours a day !!!!! I’m sure she never went to college or had a real job !!!!! He should be real proud of that !!!!! What a joke that whole family is !!! He’s always been a creep , her mother is dating some one who is a kid , her brother killed someone or paralysis someone in a careless car crash and she has always been a nobody !!!!! They are just trying to get back in the public !!!!!!