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Which One’s His Daughter Again?

Brooke Hogan with Hulk Hogan and Jennifer McDaniel at her 21st Birthday Party at Pure Pictures Photos

Hulk Hogan and his girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel, made an appearance at Brooke’s 21st birthday in Las Vegas hotspot Pure last night. I have so much trouble believing that Brooke is only 21 years old. I feel like this girl has lived four lifetimes already, only two of which she’s spent ratting out her mother’s drug habit to the press. Linda Hogan was, of course, not there, unless she and her boyfriend are hiding in Jennifer’s breast implants. Actually, that’s unlikely, because those implants look like they’re older than Linda’s boyfriend.

And Brooke? Lay off the spray-tan, sweetie. Your father should not be your barometer for an appropriate face color.

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  • Good grief, she’s 21? She may be the only famous-type of that age who makes me, at 23, think I’ve aged well. Oh dear…

  • i saw hulk and his girlfriend in the tampa airport last summer and at close range (less than 10 ft) my friend and i swore the girl was brooke. we felt a little bad once we realized it wasnt her.

  • Any time I hear / read / see anything about this family, I walk away feeling like I need a shower. Yuk

    • Because her mom is dating a 19 year old, while Jennifer is rumored to be 34.
      Still creepy, but significantly less creepy.

  • Jesus… 42 is the new 21 apparently.

    All you can do at this point is pray that the amount of exposure to chemicals, and each other, has rendered every member of this clan sterile.

  • if i looked like a 43 year old at age 21, i’d just give up.

    just give up.

  • her poor face needs to breath from all that makeup! that’s why she looks horribly old. gross.

  • Watching their show always creeped me out. He has such an unhealthy fixation on his daughter. She looks exactly like the kind of woman he is attracted to, but she’s younger and is PART HULK. What could be better? It’s an unhealthy mixture of mid-life immaturity and a lot of narcissism.

  • So is the mother considered a pedophile? Dating a 19year old? Good god. I hope Hulk has a better prenuptial than he did with his ex wife. Wow she got millions and for what. Taking the Hulk’s large manhood? I don’t know who is trashier Hulks wife or the Kartrashian family. At least the Hulk worked hard to get where he is. I’ve seen the video of the spinal injections he takes to be able to wrestle. Hey Hulk and Mrs. X hulk if you go to the video that “leaks” out like Kim and Pam Anderson and Paris you can get really popular. But please be better in bed than those lame lays. I had better sex in high school than I saw in the aforementioned video’s that got “leaked” And hulk man you up there with Johnny wad.