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Zelda Lily Is Hiring!

Hey there crazy and talented kids!

If you haven’t noticed by now, we’ve got a little feminism/women’s issues blog in the works over at The site’s only been around for a month, but we’ve already got an awesome audience and a lot of interesting conversations going on over there. We stuck our little toes into the water and it was warm — so we’re looking to produce more content, and, as such, we’re looking for more writers.

Zelda Lily is hiring ONE PAID editor and TWO UNPAID interns. All positions are PART TIME and you will be responsible for contributing at least 4-5 pieces weekly to the site. Obviously we’re looking for female writers, but, ya know, I’m open to considering anyone who thinks they’re qualified, man or woman. And, unlike the Evil Beet positions, the Zelda Lily positions are open to talented writers under the age of 18.

To apply for the paid position, you MUST HAVE professional experience writing for a major publication (ie newspaper, magazine or website). Please DO NOT apply for the paid position if you do not have these credentials and links to your existing, published work, as you will NOT be considered. If you think you’d make a good contributor to Zelda Lily and you’d like to get experience writing for a larger audience, please consider applying for the unpaid intern positions to get some experience under your belt. If it works out, there will be opportunities for you to move into a paid editor role down the road.

To apply, send an email to with either the subject line “ZL Editor Application” or “ZL Intern Application.” If you don’t use one of those subjects, you won’t be considered. Please include a cover letter as well as multiple writing samples and/or links to existing blogs. If you’re applying for the paid position, please detail your PROFESSIONAL writing experience (that means you were paid for it) in your cover letter.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  • Oh Beet, this is almost irrestible to me :( I LOVE to write, and I’ve always wanted to be a blogger. But I’m 16, and I’m from South America, so that means I’m still learning english. So I think I wouldn’t be that good at writing in english -yet-. I’ve written a a few good pieces in spanish, but never tried in english, I think I’m not good enough yet.

    Now I’m going to be thinking about it until you hire someone :(

  • oooh looking forward to reading all the little gems found in this search!
    bet there are heaps of talented and interesting readers waiting to be discovered :o)

    • Did you miss this part?

      “I’m open to considering anyone who thinks they’re qualified, man or woman.”

    • Yes, positions on Zelda Lily are open to all ages. Positions on Evil Beet are only open to those 18 or over.

  • Can the writers explain how they feel they can promote their other website as a “feminist” website when they regularly ridicule women for their weight or upper arm size? I’d appreciate it.

    • Jimmy Fallons wife has huge arms. I don’t know when factual observation became ridicule.. End of story.

    • It’s the new feminism – bras and make-up optional, brains not required. Say what you will about Steinem and Greer inter alia, they were damned smart even if they were wrong about a lot.

      Evil Beet as the voice of new feminism … hilarious. Maybe it’s part of a new humor aspect to EB?

  • really though, it’s somewhat strange that a celebrity gossip site has a sister feminism site…the two are quite contradictory.

    • What, exactly, is contradictory about it? I don’t find it strange at all that a strong, intelligent woman recognized her talents, found a profitable market for them and then worked her ass off to make her vision a (very successful, I might add) reality.

  • > ” To apply for the paid position, you MUST HAVE professional experience writing for a major publication”

    Oh shit. Beet won’t be able to work on her own website then.

    • Oh my goodness, shut up donkey monkey punky whatever! Why are you on this site if you don’t like it?! Shut the fuck up.

      • If you don’t like what I write then shut the fuck up Vicky dicky hairy or whatever.

      • Hahaha, I am here because I LOVE this site. But you’re one of those pathetic jerks who hates this site but you’re still reading what Beet writes. :)

  • I would like to apply for the position of “Devil’s Advocate”. My professional writing samples can be found (anywhere but) here. :)

  • Okay here’s my application!

    Hi my name is Kevin and Gwen Stefani’s husband is not the lead singer of Green Day.

    P.S. Go females.

    Did I win?

    • Yes, it’s end of the day Wednesday, May 13. I apologize for not including that in the original post.