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But Did You and Kristen Stewart Break Up, Robert Pattinson?

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From the Sun:

The Twilight couple’s four-year relationship first hit a rocky patch in July when Kristen, 22, had an affair with married 42-year-old film director Rupert Sanders. They reunited in September and attended November’s premieres of final vampire film Breaking Dawn, Part 2. But R-Patz called it off again after a difficult festive period together.

The heartbroken Brit, 26, broke the news to his ex at the weekend, telling her they would be better off as friends.

A source said: “She flew to LA and was supposed to be Rob’s date for the Golden Globes, but he told her he wants to cool it off. He loves her but would rather go back to being good friends so they can rebuild their trust and focus on work after Twilight. Kristen’s upset but understands. She shouldn’t have pushed him to reconcile after her infidelity. She’s hoping he’ll come round and time will be a great healer.”

Rob’s friends and family in London had given him a hard time about taking back the stunning actress — who is one of Hollywood’s biggest earners. The source added: “He was getting so much pressure to ditch her. His friends told him to focus on his career and said she was wrecking his chances.”

R-Patz is planning to stay in his LA home while Kristen is moving to New York to make a fresh start. An insider said: “She feels people leave her alone there and she has a bit more peace.”

Could I see this? Absolutely. Because I, like some of you, am starting to believe that the whole Robsten relationship thing was purely a publicity stunt for the ‘Twilight‘ franchise, and moreover, Robert Pattinson just might be gay. He just might be gay like George Clooney just might be gay, and now he’s going to have to spend the rest of his life in sad solitude, while utilizing hotter and hotter beards as the years go by.

Such is the life, I guess.

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  • “the stunning actress” (!?!) She’s a stick person…OK, the Evil One will say attractive but stunning?! And agreed, she makes allot of dough, but to say she is some great, method actress…Don’t think so, OK actress…I’ll go with that…Just the Evil One’s opinion…

  • This story breaks right after a story yesterday that Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross are done for good, no reconciliation. Hmmm…

  • Please, it was all a PR thing so the Twihards would “keep believing”. Once the money stopped rolling in from the last movie, it was over.

  • Definitely a PR stunt. Are you serious about Robert Pattinson and George Clooney being gay? Didn’t you guys just run an article with Kelly Clarkson saying she thought it was offensive for people to think a person is gay just because they choose not to settle down? Didn’t you all say you loved her for that? Just saying…

    • Definitely serious. I think it’s different for a man to be gay in Hollywood, as unfortunate as it is. Girls get cred for coming “out,” while men get … well, they get offered crappier roles because they don’t “fit” the big, burly, manly-man stereotype that might be required for a certain part. It’s crap, it is … but it’s also the truth.