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LeAnn Rimes is Scheduled to Have Another Nervous Breakdown Soon, So You Know

photo of leann rimes x-factor meltdown pictures
From Gossip Cop:

“New Fears for Fragile LeAnn,” blares a sensationalized headline from Life & Style, which claims LeAnn Rimes is “on the verge of a meltdown.”

According to the tabloid, Rimes’ “disastrous” “X Factor” duet with Carly Rose Sonenclar is a telltale sign that she’s “headed down the same path that led her to check into a treatment facility in August for anxiety and stress.”

A supposed “source” tells the mag, “Everyone around LeAnn can see how much she struggles.”

The purported “insider” explains, “She has body issues and worries Eddie [Cibrian] will cheat.”

“Friends and family are constantly worried she’s going to fall apart again if she doesn’t get help,” adds the source.

OK… except that Rimes never “fell apart” in the first place.

The “How Do I Live” singer proactively checked into treatment in order to learn coping mechanisms for emotional issues that a lot of people face. There was no breakdown then, and Rimes is not in a downward spiral now.

Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Rimes and Cibrian, and we’re told that the tab’s “meltdown” tale is “completely fabricated.”

Well, now, hey. To be fair, the first “breakdown” was completely fabricated (and also scheduled—we can’t forget that it was scheduled!). Second, who is this “source” that’s giving information to Gossip Cop? Eddie? LeAnn’s manager? LeAnn herself? Because come on—anyone with half a brain can see that LeAnn’s definitely struggling when it comes to living a normal life, gosh. She can’t even appear on f-cking ‘X-Factor’, which is a joke in itself, without having some kind of scandal emerging from the ashes.

No, I think these breakdown rumors are pretty much spot-on, and even if we don’t exactly see LeAnn having her breakdown, it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Like, as we speak.

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  • Leann isn’t on the verge of a meltdown, she is in the middle of a full blown meltdown which gets worse the more E!, ROL, US Weekly, People mag, DM, Extra, and GG enable her bad behavior. What type of person taunts a mother with her own kids and then tweets about the kids just to spite the mother?She knew that she was going to get slammed for setting up the staged airport photo-op with Brandi’s kids, so she prepares for it by having ROL and DM write negative articles about Brandi. She stalks Brandi’s twitter account and then retweets whatever Brandi was tweeting about(ie-“This is 40”).

    This breakdown story sounds like it came from Leann’s camp just for the simple fact that GossipCop(which is also one of Leann’s mouthpieces) released the denial BEFORE anyone knew that Life and Style’s breakdown story even existed. The source is also very careful to say that Eddie “will cheat” but not that he already has cheated, considering what Life and Style wrote in 2009 about Eddie cheating on Leann with SMJ, we know that Eddie has already cheated on Leann. The story also emphasizes that Leann was in treatment, which we know was all a lie. I think Leann released this story to get sympathy (she needs to set up more staged happy family photo-ops, so she needs to sway everyone’s opinions) or it’s in preparation for her lawsuit with the teacher.

  • And Leann’s breakdown continues as she makes another tweet taunting Brandi(she is trying very hard to take over Brandi’s role as the children’s mother): “My dad’s is a nice place to do nada but play in the woods and ride horses. Hope you guys are having a peaceful week.”

    Either she paid AKM-GSI or FameFlynet to get “happy family” photos of them posing in the woods and on horses or she paid one of her photographer BFFs (Joe or Sara) to take photos so that she can post them to her fan website/twitter. And people couldn’t understand how the incident with Carly Rose came about. Leann thinks that she is invincible and that she can say and do whatever she wants with Brandi kids because there isn’t a thing Brandi can say or do about it. And then the media makes Brandi feel bad for saying something about what Leann is doing.

    • Says the person who took the time and energy out of their busy day just to tell someone what they can and can not do! You gotta love people like “meh”, who don’t even realize that they defeat their own purpose when they patrol sites just so that they can write posts like this. The sad part is that “meh” has probably writting this comment like 20X all over the internet!

    • And Leann continues on with the taunting because what’s the best thing to do when asked by both her fans and Brandi to stop exploiting Brandi’s kids on two public forums, tweet and blog even more about the kids(and ROL claimed that the fued between Brandi and Leann was over, if only they would address Leann’s passive aggressive and taunting tweets).

      It looks like Leann is gearing up for another staged photo-op with Brandi’s kids(oh no, what negative article about Brandi will she put out to justify this staged photo-op): “Outback for dinner w/ Eddie, the boys, my dad, aunt and uncle. Now, popcorn & Le Mis on DVD”

  • @meh

    Thanks for proving my point! It’s obvious that you love to troll the internet considering how you came back and made another post after telling someone else to take a break from the internet!

  • I love guest, shes a breath of fresh air! Healthy fan exuberance is fetching. She’s like the “girl next door” unfortunately, in this case, next door is a methadone clinic.

    • Hi CAS/CHAZ

      I knew it was you behind the “I love guest” posts! Who would know more about the methadone clinic than you! So how long are you going to go at it this time?

      • Actually the initially I love guest post was me. My name is Liz & I was sincere. Ur post are thoroughly entertaining. I could care less abt squinty eyes Leann but I do look forward to stories abt here cuz I know you will post something. Guest never let’s me down!

  • The episode where Eddie’s ex mistress(SMJ) talks to Brandi airs on January 7th(it didn’t air this week) and Leann is doing some heavy duty damage control in preparation for it. See Eddie can’t possibly be cheating on Leann, wanting out of his marriage to Leann, or still be pining for SMJ because Leann just posted a twitpic of a very drunk Eddie standing behind her as they “enjoy” a bonfire! Why does Eddie have to be drunk just to touch Leann, in the photo he looks like he is trying to keep from throwing up. Lizzy must be in Nashville with them! She makes out with Lizzy while Eddie watches and in return Eddie takes a “lovey dovey” photo with Leann.

  • Poor Leann. The cheaters anthem that she hijacked from Etta James’ album isn’t on the Top 100 Country Itunes charts anymore and isn’t gettting much airplay on the radio. So what’s a famewhore to do? She retweets an article from Young Music City that gives her song a very positive review and demands that radio stations play it so that it can make it to #1 and get into the top 20s, even though it is mocking her. But here is the kicker. They don’t even bother to spell her name correctly even though her name is on the cover art for the single that they posted.

    Note to Leeann! If you are going to retweet an article praising the cheater anthem you stole from Etta Jame’s album, make sure they have your name spelled correctly because if they don’t even care enough to spell your name even when it’s in their face then we know that they are not sincere about what they are saying about how they think your music is great.