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LeAnn Rimes Is Really Upset with Us for Ruining Carly Rose’s Special Day

A photo of LeAnn Rimes and Carly Rose

Just imagine, you’re this 13-year-old girl doing this big nationally televised singing competition show. You’re super talented, you’re doing so well, and then, after sticking in the competition for a while, you get the chance to sing one of your favorite singer’s songs. With that singer. And then that famous singer – surprise! – turns out to be a total mess. So you try to do your best and just get through it, and you’re kind of surprised that you have to be the professional one. At 13.

Ugh, this story is just so embarrassing, and it just. Keeps. Going. LeAnn issued that statement yesterday about how she was just “trying to help this 13-year-old girl who was having some trouble with the song,” when really it was LeAnn’s fourth margarita that was having trouble with the song. But she went ahead and got on Twitter, just to let us know that she never even said that:

In my 18 years of performing, I have never been anything but professional onstage. It is a shame that gossip and lies are overshadowing the performance of Carly, a very talented young girl.

And while I have not given any media outlet a quote, if you want one, here it is “It was an amazing opportunity to share this experience with Carly and I know I’ll be watching for her to win tonight.”

Oh my gosh, can you believe us?! Here we thought that LeAnn messed up Carly Rose’s performance, but it was really us all along! I am so mad at us!

Oh, but TMZ, that media outlet that LeAnn gave the quote to, has made it clear that no, LeAnn really said that. So who can we even believe here*?


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  • She also threw her lawyer under the bus too, implying that he is talking to the media without her consent. Which makes Leann looks even worse because if her lawyer is talking to the media without her consent like she implied in her tweet, then how did he know that she dropped her plate of food?

    If Leann has never been anything but professional on stage during her 18 years of performing, then how does she explain the reviews(from concerts she has this year) from her own fans who stated that she acted drunk on stage and complained about how unproffessional she was being? Is that Brandi’s fault too? Didn’t she leave one concert 15 min early without even giving the venue an explanation? What about the concert where she took a dig at Brandi? Yet she insists that she has never been unprofessional on stage?

    Why would she lie about being unprofessional on stage or talking to the media when there is so much evidence to contradict what she is saying? Is Leann delusional or in denial? Or is this the result of being surrounded by YES people who reinforce her bad behaviors(ie-Katie, Leno, Giuliana, Maya A, DB, Rob Thomas, M, Eddie, her mother, her fake sister, JB, her photographer friend who took the photo of her/Eddie/Brandi’s kids fake praying by the fence & dirt road that Brandi complained about)?

    This Carly/XFactor has worked wonders for Leann’s single “Borrowed” on Itunes! Just joking! After she issued the statement blaming Carly, her song went from 24 to 29 on the Itunes Country chart. Today it’s now at 32. It looks like she and her pr people are too busy doing damage control to download her song. Is Leann the only artist who downloads her own music? No, but she makes it very obvious that 80% of her song downloads on Itunes are from her and her pr people.

  • Just when you thought it couldn’t get anymore embarrasing…Leann wrote a “Woe is me” blog on her fan website yesterday, in which she blames the media and God and then writes about how her “wonderful” hubby helped her through this great trial and tribulation by holding her and kissing her face!

    Leann is selfish. She just needs to take some accountability, admit that what she did to Carly and said to TMZ was wrong, apologize to Carly, stop making excuses and playing the victim, and stop blaming people for HER actions. Most importantly, she needs to go to rehab for real this time. Can you imagine how crazy she is going to be next week because Eddie’s ex-mistress is going to be on RHOBH? The media, God, Carly, Brandi, her lawyer, and the people commenting on this incident didn’t do this. She did. Who is she going to blame next? Her dog?

  • MeAnn seems incapable of doing anything other than blindly competing to always be the center of attention. Even against a 13 year old kid. She’s so mindlessly competitive that she’s forgotten she has a new CD to peddle. How on earth will she afford to keep her cuckold if Shitfire doesn’t sell?

  • There is something seriously wrong with Leann. After exploiting Carly Ray and throwing her under the bus and blaming Brandi, her lawyer, God, and the media for her actions, Leann is back to taunting and single white femaling Brandi. Last week, Brandi made how many tweets about “So This Is 40”? And guess who is tweeting about that very same movie just an hour ago?

    This is what Leann “it’s never ever my fault” Rimes tweeted today: “So This Is 40″ is awesome! Must see”.

    The media missed the point, Leann single white females Brandi because Eddie still has feelings for Brandi. What type of person Leann hasn’t tweeted much in two days, it looks like she is saving her tantrums for her fan website. So even though one site says she is acting “professional” she isn’t. She is doing it where the media can’t see it. I find it funny that even though she isn’t tweeting very much, she still makes sure to get in her digs at Brandi. She tweeted something about Christmas fun starting yesterday, implying that the holidays are only fun for her stepsons when they are with her and Eddie.

  • After a 2 day semi-timeout from twitter(she was still tweeting, but not so much and spent the majority of the time on her fan website complaining), Leann is back to her old self. Rather than apologizing for her poor performance on X Factor, she retweets comments from people telling her that she has a nice voice. When someone tweeted that “Borrowed” was ranked 209 on the overall Itunes chart, Leann retweeted a comment from a fan telling her how much they love listening to “Borrowed”.

    And because people called Leann out for single white femaling Brandi in regards “So This Is 40”, Leann responds by making even more tweets about the movie, from how it made her cry to the songs she liked from the movie. Please don’t tell me she set up a staged photo-op at the movies yesterday.

    You would have thought that this situation with Carly would have humbled Leann a bit, but no, she is still doing the same old passive aggressive things. And then she can’t understand why this is happening to her or in her words “why God is doing this to her”?

    Someone also asked her if Eddie’s twitter account was the real Eddie Cibrian. She didn’t say yes. So she is tweeting from Eddie’s twitter account.

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