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Look, It’s The Kardashian Kristmas Kard!

A photo of the Kardashian family Christmas card

Because we all know that it’s not Christmastime until we see how the Kardashians and the Jenners decided to come together for their annual Christmas card.

There’s a couple of interesting things here, I guess. Obviously, Kanye isn’t there, which is extremely upsetting, and also surprising. Don’t they realize how much more press they would get with this is he was on there? There’s not any trouble in Kimye paradise, is there? Heaven forbid Kim lose the latest love of her life, especially when she’s still married to her last one. Can you even imagine?

I guess the only other interesting thing is how much people care about these cards every year. When I was trying to find the best version of this photo, I found dozens and dozens of other blogs and news sites that already got the tip last night, and I don’t get it. And you know I’m not trying to do a big “why do people care about celebrities?” thing, or even a “why do people care about the Kardashians?” thing. People care about them because it’s fun to gossip, duh. But I don’t get why people care so much about these Christmas cards specifically. Is it just so we can speculate about Kim’s love life? Or to see what Bruce Jenner‘s face is up to? Because I can understand that. But otherwise, what’s the appeal?

It’s not Kim’s stupid greased back hair, that’s for sure.

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  • I totally agree with that….where’s the other 20 million kids? Did Bruce forget about his original family? Also, is that Kim’s cat that just died? Sorry, but…LOL. Nice little touch they added in there. She had to have some kind of partner for the picture!

  • So, we’re just going to blatantly ignore the new baby in the picture? I think this is the first time i’ve seen her

  • All I can say is that this xmas card is more like a tribute to Photoshop…the young one on the right, what’s wrong with her legs? Well, they are not really attached to her body that’s it

    I can’t understand why someone would be anxious to see this…

  • Funny how these people will go thru all this trouble to celebrate Christmas of all things when clearly they do not hold any morals whatsoever, kind of an oxymoron don’t you think?