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Love It or Leave It: The Return of Frumpy McFrumperson

photo of katie holmes pictures
I don’t even understand why Katie would wear something like this out in public, but then I take a step back and realize that duh, I know pretty much nothing about fashion, and probably anything Katie would wear (especially out and about in public) is probably ten times better and more chic than anything I could put together on my best day, but why oh why would she wear the sweater that I hate so much twice in the very same month? And in the very same city? Because it’s something incomprehensible to me, much like the way Courtney Stodden’s continual sole-assault baffles me to no end.

The worst part about the outfit, too, is the fact that it looks completely grandma’d out, and unlike Taylor Swift’s granny-chic fashion sense, this is just … this is straight out the Alfred Dunner outlet store. There’s nothing chic about this and everything grandma. The silk shirt? The pleated high-water pants? The … oh God, the ankle boots? Does it get worse? I don’t know. I guess it might depend all on the underwear. In fact, hey. Yeah, it solely depends on the underwear. We could turn this around yet. See, last time we saw Katie in her underwear, it looked like this:

photo of katie holmes topless pictures
And that was probably the best look she had all decade. Maybe we should do a little side-by-side comparison, huh? Like, right now?

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  • I think Katie just wears what’s comfortable in everyday life and only dresses up when she has to.

    I thought she looked great at the MOMA benefit a few days ago.

  • You obviously have not picked up a fashion magazine in a very long time. Just because it’s “frumpy” and looks “grandma” doesn’t mean it’s not in. Once again, get your head out of your ass.

    • I guess you missed the first whole paragraph by accident, person, because I just know you can’t be one of those people who reads the headline, looks at the photo without actually reading the article, and then comments, because you couldn’t be. Right?

  • I’m feeling it.
    Most of the time, at least this time of year, I’m going for that kind of look myself.
    Comfy and cute!

  • Very Sexy and grown-up photo of Katie. Best shots I’ve ever seen of her. Boo hoo Tom. Good for Katie! Other picture I like is her lying down at beach; the pose is fantastic, Katie could not look any better. I’m so happy for her. Reminds of Lady Diana when she finally made it on her own. Beautiful confident women.