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So Here’s This Picture That Rihanna Tweeted Last Night

A photo of Chris Brown

Yeah, that’s it. Rihanna took this photo of Chris Brown with his stupid underwear hanging out, then she posted it on Twitter with the tag #BartObsessed.

So that’s it, I guess. It’s officially on. And Chris Brown is obsessed with Bart Simpson, which just makes me feel this weird kind of loathing for him that I haven’t quite felt before. Like, yeah, he’s an abusive asshole who is constantly doing or saying something stupid, but now he’s all that and also a guy who travels around with a blanket like that. Does that make anyone else kind of inexplicably alarmed? Anyone?

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  • I feel true loathing for Rihanna and her complete lack of self-respect. What a crappy influence on young women.

    About Fist Brown, I dislike him too much to even comment.

  • no, I don’t feel anything because I don’t care. He spent his money on the Bart gear and Rihanna has chose to be with him again and I don’t care!

  • Eww …I think he’s holding onto his junk ! Rihanna is the stupidest human on the face of the earth. One of these days he will wake up on the wrong side of his bed and think to himself,” this bitch is the reason for all my troubles”, then he will go nuts on her again. Just hope next time he doesn’t kill her.

  • He’s going to be so mad when he finds out ahe took a picture of him sleepin! I bet he’s going to punch her in the face.
    These two infuriate me, but they deserve each other.

  • I think Ri and the ex-girlfriend are teaming together to break Chris. When the model gf liked this picture I knew there was no way they weren’t in on some business arrangement together.
    They both are having unprotected sex with him. They both try to stay at his side all the time. They both “dislike” each other online.
    It’s an act. I think the model gf and Rihanna are both planning to get a lifetime of child support from Chris’ losing behind.
    His mommy better start paying attention or she’s going to lose all of his gift money too.

  • whatever happens to her will be on her and she won’t have the world on her side when he beats the shit out of her. And he will again, just a matter of time.

  • Just feel so damn sorry for everybody else. Still holding on to that 1 mistake Chris Brown made. What’s funny is that those 2 people that were involved the mess have moved on from it….years ago. Silly idiots are still judging, oh but they don’t give a fuck!!! GET OVER IT!!!