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Is Liam Hemsworth Steppin’ Out on Miley?

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If you want to believe Radar Online, then yes. Because Radar Online has “exclusive sources” stating that Liam was hooking up with a blonde chick that’s not Miley. From Radar:

Despite giving the Hannah Montana star a sparkling Neil Lane engagement ring in June, it seems that the Aussie actor may not be quite ready to settle down just yet, as he was spotted getting “very cozy” with a hot blonde at a Hollywood party last week, and has the exclusive details.

Hemsworth attended the Samsung Galaxy Note II party at a private home in Beverly Hills on October 25, with his fiance nowhere in sight, but apparently the 22-year-old wasn’t too bothered by her absence!

An eyewitness tells Radar exclusively that Liam, who arrived early at the tech savvy party and stayed until the end, spent the majority of the night chatting up a beautiful blonde woman in the back tent, and it wasn’t Miley!

“Liam was in the corner of the back tent with a blonde and they were getting very cozy,” the source dishes. “It definitely looked like they were behaving in a way that was more than just friendly.”

According to the source, Liam wasn’t being secretive about his one-on-one with the mystery blonde, despite several industry people and fellow actors standing and sitting close by.

“His friend/handler was trying to keep people away and allow Liam and his ‘friend’ some privacy,” the source adds, “but Liam didn’t seem to be that worried about it.”

So I’m not really sure I believe this. I think that Liam seems too classy (not to not cheat—because cheating knows no class, for reals) to cheat so openly. It just wouldn’t be good for his career, and it wouldn’t be all that good for The Hunger Games. Unless Liam thinks that doing this would result in the same kind of press that resulted in Kristen Stewart‘s affair,

Plus, Miley Cyrus is totally having three weddings, so what would be the purpose of cheating, duh?

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