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Channing Tatum Is People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive

A photo of Channing Tatum

Ok, probably. Channing Tatum is probably going to be People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. Like, we’re pretty sure about it.

Gossip Con got a tip that on November 14th, Channing will be announced as the sexiest of all living men. That seems like a good bet, right? Two words: Magic Mike. And a few more words: do you remember when Magic Mike came out and 95% of all the women in the world absolutely flipped their shit, and your great aunt was posting weird things about it on Facebook, and you saw groups of ladies holding hands and squealing about hot male strippers while you were just trying to buy tickets for the Katy Perry movie? Because I really, really remember that. And it was mildly traumatizing.

Anyway, People commented on this rumor by saying that they weren’t going to comment on it. Regardless, I’m pretty sure this is going to be right. Channing Tatum has been on fire this year, hasn’t he? Personally, I didn’t get it at all – I saw The Vow, and it was all right, but it didn’t make me feel a ton of feelings for him or anything – until I watched 21 Jump Street and half of Step Up. And sorry, but he’s charming as hell. I still don’t think he’s the Sexiest Man Alive, but I get it. And, of course, he makes a whole, whole lot more sense than last year’s choice. Bradley Cooper, remember? Ridiculous.

What do you guys think? Do you love this guy? Do I need to see Magic Mike? Let’s discuss this.

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  • Hope not. I don’t get it (him?). Nice looking fellow, but….

    Reminds me of a small town high school or college jock. Good looking for the location but not really in the rest of the world. And dumb as a box of rocks. Not questioning Mr. Tatum’s intelligence, but he has the “Duh” look on his face constantly.

  • I think he’s a good choice, great looking guy, funny, sweet & charismatic (if he was smart too, the world might just explode…)

  • the movie isn’t good. the story is terrible. but it’s worth watching just for the dance scenes. channing is great, him dancing is sick. and he’s really hot.

    yeah, i’d say he mught be the sexiest man alive. if not, at least one of the sexiest men alive.

  • smoking hot. i agree that he’s been super charming in several movies. “she’s the man”?? adorable! but yes, for pure hotness: magic mike. he has moves like nobodys business. and i thought the movie was super watchable. kind of gritty.

  • I enjoyed Magic Mike very much – don’t hope for a storyline as there is barely anything worth mentioning… But Matthew McConaughey, Joe Manganiello, the dude from CSI and Channing Tatum (& Alex Pettyfer) – HOT DAMN! Watch it for the strip club scenes, they’re hilarious and brilliant to watch. Do it.

  • I was one of those middle-aged women who went to see Magic Mike with one of my middle-aged woman friends. But I didn’t get the Channing Tatum lust until a couple of months ago, when I finally got around to seeing 21 Jump Street. That shit was hilarious! And Channing was adorable.

    I had to say goodbye to my 16yo cat a couple of weeks ago (ugh, I’m fessing up to being a middle-aged catlady), and that night my husband and son went out and bought the 21 Jump Street DVD to cheer me up. It worked!

  • YES! Channing Tatum is hot in Magic Mike, but he’s even hotter to me when he shows how much he loves his wife.

  • butterface. nice bod. thick neck & stupid hair. matt bomer IS a much better choice. did they skip him because he’s gay & this butterface up top can fulfill the hetero fantasies of straight women everywhere? makes me wonder…

  • I used to really dislike him. Not for any reason, just because sometimes you feel like you would want to punch them in the face. That all changed when I saw 21 Jump Street. Now I am a fan.

    Still haven’t/probably won’t see Magic Mike though.

  • I have no desire to see MM, I have no desire to see anything CT is in. He doesn’t “do it” for me. Call me old school but I still think Johnny Depp is amazingly sexy.