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Chris Brown Wants to “Hopefully Have People Follow in My Footsteps”

A photo of Chris Brown

It must be tough to have a significant group of people define you based on one thing you did, right? Like, it would suck so hard if my life was forever changed because of that one time when I was 18 and drank grape juice and everclear with my friends and then excused myself early to go write my English paper (a few classes after I turned in the essay, my professor was like “you’re better than this. You’re a good writer. I know you know how to form complete sentences”). Sometimes you do stupid things when you’re young, but that doesn’t make you who you are.

Except sometimes, it does. Sometimes you viciously beat someone and then never apologize and then keep being an asshole about it and about everything else. And that’s a different thing.

Ok, Chris Brown did this interview with Prestige magazine, and it’s being called his first major press interview in four years. I didn’t think about that, but I guess that’s right? I don’t remember really reading one before, so it’s probably right. But yeah, it seems like there’s a good reason why people in Chris’ life keep suggesting that he stop talking. It’s because when he talks, he … I don’t know. It’s just bad.

What he wants from the world: “As a 23-year-old young entertainer, I want the world to see my art and hopefully be inspired by it, promote positivity with what I do now – with painting, with fashion, with directing, with creativity as far as videos and cinema. I want to have people admire that and hopefully have people follow in my footsteps.”

His goals: “Not to be arrogant when I say it, but I want to be the Steven Spielberg of music videos, to be innovative and young, not to put a bar on it just because of budgetary issues or certain capabilities.”

On painting: “I’ve been painting secretly since I was a kid. A lot of people didn’t know that it was my hobby. I focused on doing the bad stuff at first with graffiti and vandalising as a kid. But as you get older, you start studying art books and sketchbooks in the libraries. I started getting better, like maybe three or four years ago. I met Ron English and Kid Zoom [Ian Strange] and they were just teaching me different techniques for painting. So my art started growing and I started doing it on my own. I finally got people to recognise it and I did a couple of art galleries – one in LA and one in New York – and I sold four out of my seven paintings. You know, I’m new. But my feet are in the water and that’s all it takes. I don’t think I want to conquer painting. It’s just something I love to do.”

On his charity work: “I’ve been involved with [those] since I was 15, 16. It’s not about recognition, because that’s not what satisfies me. The satisfaction is people that are getting helped or are benefitting from whatever I donate, whatever I contribute to their lives. I don’t like it to be publicised. If there are cameras around, it’s cool. But I do it from the heart. When I go on TV and do my videos, that’s the artist Chris Brown. But when I go and do [charity work] it’s just me – it’s just Christopher.”

On being the CEO: “I think a lot of people, a lot of artists, they get the glamour and glitz and everything else is already set for them. You see it and you say, “Oh man, it’s perfect.” But everything is already written. For me, it’s all just straight from thin air. I hear a song [claps his hands] – that’s my concept. When you hear my records, it’s really me writing. It’s really my emotions. It’s really me behind the cameras, directing those videos. It’s me making the decision on what singles we put out. Being the CEO. A real businessman at 23. That’s what I want to show my audience. The generation that we’re in – we’re a lazy generation. The kids in my generation are not as hyper. The work ethic isn’t there. The attention span is short. But I think if they can see me do it at 23 and have all this stuff going on – and still have fun while I’m doing it – who’s to say they can’t?”

Ooooh, Chris Brown. You’re a CEO, huh? A “real businessman.” And a painter. And an actor. A true artist.

But hey, before you start thinking Chris Brown is as awesome as he thinks he is, check out this picture from the magazine’s shoot:

A photo of Chris Brown

And this one:

A photo of Chris Brown

So you just keep right on being a shining light in this dark world, Chris Brown.

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  • trying too hard. art MY ASS! just go away, dude. go. away. and who’s telling this cock gobbler to keep doing what he’s doing; who are those dumbass Yes Men?! they too need a whoopin’. or a head check. everyone in his camp telling him “good job” every night & kissing his abusive ass every day, they’re all either on drugs or seriously mental.

  • That outfit in the first picture is awful. I don’t know what idiot put him in that or why he was dumb enough to let them. Besides looking bad, that is probably real fur on the collar and PETA would probably like to pound someone because of it.