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Quotables: Chris Brown Gets Told

A photo of Chris Brown

“I don’t dance, you don’t talk.”

Chris Brown‘s lawyer tells Chris Brown what’s up.

This lovely little zing happened yesterday during Chris’ progress hearing. His lawyer was getting permission for Chris to go on tour (which he’s not supposed to do because, you know, probation), and when the judge started asking questions about his tour schedule, Chris tried to open his mouth. And then, boom, shut down.

I just love this because this is second time a person of power in Chris’ life has told him to just not talk. Remember earlier this year when his manager gave a quote to Billboard about it? She said that their plan for promoting his new album was “not have him do interviews.” That was the first thing she said. Because “He signed up to sing and entertain. Not to talk about his personal life.” Because we all know that when Chris Brown opens his mouth, nothing but lies and depravity and little chunks of stupid come out.

Now I just wish his girlfriends could tell him off, too.

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