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Quotables: A Reminder Of Why Liv Tyler’s Still Awesome

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“I sing morning, noon and night to myself, and a lot of the times out loud — I can’t help it! I even think in song, everything relates in music to me. I have always dreamed of doing a musical like Sweet Charity, High Society or Cabaret. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era of movie making. I would have loved to have been owned by a studio and had one picture after the next filled with beautiful sets, incredible costumes, singing and dancing. I’m learning how to tap dance this summer out in my farmhouse in the country.”

This is Liv, talking to Vs magazine for the November edition. And I cannot tell you guys how much I love this girl and I know precisely what she’s talking about. What a darling, you know? I mean, honestly. Tap-dancing? In her farmhouse? Could this girl be more likable? Especially in light of having people like Lindsay Lohan and LeAnn Rimes around?

Love you, girl!

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  • “I would have loved to have been owned by a studio”

    I don’t understand this. Owned by a studio? What does that mean?

    • The studio system of the first half of the 20th century meant that actors and actresses were tied into a contract to a film studio and made movies just for them, though they could be loaned out if the other studio paid enough or they were less popular than they were being paid.

      The studios could tailor films around their stars strengths and weaknesses to maximise their appeal and the studios profits.

  • Oh man, I love her so much. Have you guys seen that “commercial” she did where she’s singing INXS’ “Need You Tonight”? Fucking. Hot. YouTube it right now………

  • She sure is romanticizing a horrible serfdom-type of system that hooked Judy Garland to amphetamines by working her almost to death on back-to-back films – to give one example.