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Here’s the Part 2 to Brad Pitt’s Chanel Ad That I Didn’t Even Know Existed

So lots of people are watching this video, scratching their heads and wondering why Chanel would ever want to allude to Brad Pitt‘s alleged affair with Angelina Jolie, an affair that occurred while he was married to that whiny schlub, Jennifer Aniston, and here’s my answer: DERP PUBLICITY. When you think of Brad Pitt, what’s the first thing that comes to mind aside from blinding hotness and magical, impressive dexterity when it comes to acting? You think of Team Jennifer and Team Angelina or whatever.

No, I don’t necessarily think it was all to do with stirring up the theoretical pot, I think it was more of a statement than anything. Yeah, it was definitely highlighting “Jennifer Aniston” and “Angelina Jolie”, and I think it was to show that Chanel No.5 is universally appealing and both “Jennifer Aniston” and “Angelina Jolie” could totally rock the fragrance. Which is also why Chanel chose Brad as their new spokesman—it’s painfully apparent that both “Jennifer” and “Angelina” and Jennifer and Angelina could totally rock the spokesman, too. Ahem.

Last, I’ve got to wonder: why do a Part 2 to the ad anyway? Oh. Right. DERP PUBLICITY.

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