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Love It or Leave It: Rihanna’s New Album Cover

A photo of Rihanna

In between story after story (after story) (sorry I’m not sorry) about the reunion of Rihanna and Chris Brown, you might have forgotten that Rihanna is releasing a new album soon. The release date is November 19th, and as I’m sure you couldn’t tell, the title of the album is Unapologetic.

But really, this album cover sucks. It’s just so busy with all the words, isn’t it? I mean, I think once you decide to put a Twitter hashtag on the cover of your album, it’s time to rethink things. And what do all these words mean? At first I thought they were names of songs, since “Diamonds” is on there, but that would mean that she has songs like “#Navy” and “Chalice” on there, which seems odd. Really, either Rihanna just doodled a bunch of words and shit over a topless photo of herself and called it an album cover or she’s coming up with awesome hits such as “7” and, my favorite, of course, “Chalice.” Either way, things aren’t looking so great.

But what do you think of the cover?

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  • It’s a weird cover and would be way prettier without all of the scrawled words. Also, I miss when she had good hair.

    And by “good hair,” I mean her Hot Scene/Emo Boy Hair. Because that’s great hair.

    And if this were an art assignment turned in by a teenager, I’d be worried about that teenager’s self-esteem and possible suicidal inclinations.

    • If you have boobs, stand in front of a mirror and lift one arm. You’ll see how the breast on that side lifts up considerably. It’s not that photoshopped for what it could’ve been.

  • I’ve heard the word “chalice” being used to mean a few things, first, the symbol of the Chalice is sometimes used historically as a symbol for Woman (not too hard to figure out why). Also, chalice can slangily mean the pipe you smoke weed out of, which is probably what Rihanna means? (No judgment on weed smokers!) I think it’s a jamaican/Rasta word.

  • It has long been speculated that Rihanna is one of many in the entertainment industry that promotes Satanism, the occult, and the Illuminati agenda.

    IF you are familiar with these arguments about her you would likely interpret the following from this picture:

    1. The covering of one eye is a typical homage to the “evil eye”, “eye of Horus”, Free Masons…

    2. A Chalice, according to Paul Huson’s book “Mastering Witchcraft: A Practical Guide for Witches, Warlocks & Covens” is one of the five essential pieces of equipment that any witch will need

    3. Tying both 1 & 2 together, we have Rihanna’s most prominent tattoo in the photograph of the Egyptian Goddess Isis. Since both the Eye of Horus and Isis share a common thread, having been of origin from Egypt, and Isis is actually credited with being the mother of Horus, it is not far fetched to infer that Rihanna is also familiar with the mythological significance of the Eye of Horus to which this photograph alludes. Additionally since Isis is considered the Goddess of Magic it is also reasonable to believe that her interpretation of Chalice is quite literally one for magical purposes.

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