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Lindsay And Dina Got into A Fight

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Ok, that headline was kind of lame, but I couldn’t come up with a way to tell you everything that just happened in one short line. See, Lindsay Lohan and her wonderful mother, Dina, did get into a fight this morning, but it got physical. Physical enough for someone to call 911, and physical enough for cops to file a domestic incident report. Crazy, right?

It started when Lindsay and Dina were at a nightclub in New York (even though Dina never parties with her daughter). They started arguing as they were leaving the club, and they kept arguing until it got violent. Lindsay got a cut on her leg and a bracelet she was wearing was broken, and whoever called 911 claimed that Lindsay was being held against her will. No one got arrested though, so yay?

So what does this all mean? Are we heading towards another big meltdown for Lindsay? Because it seems like Lindsay has this cycle where she consistently pulls all these methtastic moves, and then about once a year she really amps it up, and then she gets arrested and goes to court a whole bunch and then goes to jail for a few hours. Are we nearing that time now?

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