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Did You Watch Dina Lohan on Dr. Phil Yesterday?

A photo of Dina Lohan

I didn’t, because I had to go to the dentist and beg him to cut this stupid wisdom tooth out of my head (he didn’t), and I’m incredibly disappointed. But I have read the quotes and watched the clips, and I think it’s safe to say that she was the trainwreck we all expected she would be.

Let’s see, there was the time that Dina was telling Dr. Phil about the time that crazy ol’ Michael Lohan broke into her house, but she couldn’t call the police because “cell phones weren’t as inept as they are now so I didn’t really have that.” It seems like Dr. Phil let that one go for a while, but before the interview was over, he let her know that “that word doesn’t fit in that sentence.”

At one point, Dr. Phil called Dina “phony and inauthentic,” which is when she chose to flip everyone off, and then when Dr. Phil showed a list of the crimes that Lindsay’s gotten in trouble for, and Dina told him that if they were in New York, “five of them would be obsolete,” to which Dr. Phil was basically just like “whatever.”

Oh, and there was this other time that Dina complimented Dr. Phil’s shoes, and then requested a friendly fist bump, saying “can we pound that?” Her request was denied.

Now let’s watch a few clips I found:

I think I’m going to revoke my previous “drunk” guess and change it to something else. Probably pills or just regular old crazy. What about you guys?

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  • She is pathological for sure. A very sick woman, it’s painful to watch this. And for the first time ever – I have to say that Dr. Phil did not piss me off. I think he knew he was dealing with someone who is really mentally ill.


  • Why wouldn’t the dentist cut out your wisdom tooth? I’ve had a dentist do the same thing because one of my wisdom teeth was right on a nerve, so he didn’t want to risk damaging the nerve – but meanwhile he could’ve gotten rid of the other three and didn’t. Now they are bothering me on a regular basis… Oh, and Dina Lohan is a psycho.

    • He wouldn’t cut them out because they’re in a weird position, like they’re sort of growing in normally, but mostly just trying to push their way out of my face, so I have to go see an oral surgeon instead. But ugh, that sounds awful, on a nerve? Guuuuh, teeth, why?!

      • Mine needed to be carefully taken apart and then lifted out, because the roots would have twanged the nerves otherwise. (They put you under.)
        The oral surgeon will be the guy with the rockstar talent there, don’t be worried Emily. :)

      • Oh god, I just read that, that sometimes they had to break the tooth into pieces to pull it off. I am such a wimp, I can’t even. They did say they’d probably have to put me under though, instead of just the numbing. Does it hurt a lot after? Oh god.

      • No, it’s really ok! I’m doing a bad job reassuring you, but that’s the best way to do it and have no ill effects, and later I just had numb-face and ate soft fruit salad and took pills. It really was good, and they’d be even more expert and delicate nowadays.
        Sorry to scare you, Emily.

      • I feel for you ladies. I had 4 teeth pulled before I had my braces… But my wisdom teeth, they came in straight with enough room… Lucky bastard, I know!

      • Oh, you’re not scaring me, CAS (and also, thank you for making me want a delicious apple Snapple with every comment you make)! Basically everything about every tooth ever is scaring me right now. I’ve had some bad experiences – I had four teeth pulled for my braces too, Chaz, and one random tooth chilling in my gums they had to cut out – and I just keep hearing about how awful this is, and how if I don’t get them out soon, they’ll make my teeth crooked again, and my dad will be SO MAD if my teeth get crooked again.

        Teeth, you guys. It’s a lot.

  • Pills and booze seemed to have played a large roll in her relaxed state of mind and she’s also an idiot who’s trying way too hard to act her daughters age.

  • Comparing this interview to the things I’ve heard and read Lindsey say, it seems all too clear where she gets her attitude and behavior from… Sad…

  • yup dutchgirl, that’s totally what crossed my mind and sure thousands others…it’s SO obvious now who Lindsay takes after. See Dina Lohan was like watching Lindsay being interview. And it’s even more sad that Dina is supposed to be an adult, a mother?? who even says “let’s pound to that???” and what grown woman with three kids flips off everyone during a recording of a tv interview that’s going to be shown to the world? so immature. she sounds so angsty (“so over it”) like she’s stuck in a teenager set of mind. Lindsay really is doomed for as long as she sees herself as a victim and not as a grown ass woman that is responsible for her actions.