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I Don’t Think Catherine Zeta-Jones Feels So Well

photo of catherine zeta jones and michael douglas pictures
Because she’s not looking all that good, guys. Last I checked, it was her husband who had a debilitating illness that tore through and ravaged his body, and not her. She looks sick. She’s looking like hell. It’s looking like the years of dealing with her husband’s illness, coupled with her own mental illness, has really, really taken its toll on her. Granted, she’s still a beautiful woman, but guys … she’s only just forty-three years old (forty-three years old as of just yesterday, so happy birthday, girl). And she looks at least ten years older than that, if not maybe even a little bit more.

Dunno, guys. I’m seriously saying this with love—I’m concerned about Catherine, here, because she’s just not looking well. I think maybe girlfriend needs a long, relaxing vacation, guys. Real bad. And fast.

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  • Um… I don’t know what you’re seeing in that pic, but I think she looks fine. I definitely don’t think she looks any older than 43, certainly not 10 years older. Can’t a person look a little tired once in a while?

  • If the rumours are true she’s older than 43…
    But if she is 43, she’d be looking pretty good for a real world lady of that age. Hollywood is just crazy standards to go by…

  • More to the point, she just doesn’t look like CZ-J anymore. Perhaps a little surgery gone wrong? I would not have recognized her if the pic was not labeled.

  • She would probably look incredible by any normal persons standards if they saw her on the street in person. I’m gonna say that she just isn’t red carpet ready and the flash is washing her out and making her look weird in the photo. I think we develop unreasonable standards for how celebrities should look after seeing them on film and the red carpet so often. I mean really, they’re all just normal people so maybe she just didn’t feel like making herself photo ready for a night out with her husband…

  • There is this blind item out there about an actress who says she is 10 yrs younger than she actually is. I remember a lot of guesses pointed to CZJ. I now agree.