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Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Face Deflated

photo of catherine zeta jones pictures face plastic surgery pics
How has no one noticed this before? I mean, I’m not the most observant apple in the barrel, but jeez! Catherine Zeta-Girle, what have you done to your face? I suppose it’s partially because you’re married to Michael Douglas, who’s, what, bumping seventy, and you look immensely young next to him regardless, but I Googled your age and you’re telling me you’re only forty-two? Why so heavy on the facial fillers? And why get some that’d start to deflate so … unevenly?

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  • I don’t see it, Sarah. Maybe I need a before and after picture to compare, but I think she looks great in this picture, even if she does have a touch of the ceiling eyes a la Audrina Patridge. Between her husbands cancer battle and her own battle with depression/bi polar disorder, I think she just looks like she’s had a stressful year or two.

    • To me, it’s the one cheek versus the other cheek in this photo. One of them looks pretty “normal,” while the other one looks sort of flat. Maybe that’s just the natural contour of her face (which, if that’s the case, totally – she does look great), but if it’s not, eek.

      • Now I see what you are saying…huh. Yeah, that does look strange. Totally didn’t notice it before.

  • Request: Sarah, will you post a larger photo of yourself so that we can count your flaws? Just to make it fair. Thanks.

    • As the site’s tagline goes, girl, “It’s not personal, it’s gossip.”

      And as for my flaws, I’m well, well aware of every single one of ’em. :)

      • I freakin’ hate it when people do what Manda just did. So, people with flaws cannot judge other people’s flaws? I’m fat, does that mean I can’t point out how fat and ugly Christina Aguilera looks right now? That’s just ridiculous. That’s like saying people who can’t sing very well aren’t allowed to judge other people’s singing, and if that were true then Paula Abdul and Jennifer Lopez would never be able to judge American Idol…just sayin’…

      • Although, to be fair, I do NOT see what you’re talking about here, Sarah. I think her face looks perfectly normal given the camera angle.

  • I think she looks pretty damn good. Perhaps the unevenness you see is just the angle? I certainly don’t see it.