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Catherine Zeta-Jones Doesn’t Talk About Her Bipolar Diagnosis in New Interview, But She Does Make Me Talk About Music

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… And I only say that because she made it a point that she wouldn’t talk about her bipolar diagnosis in her latest interview. From IO Donna, the timeless, always-lovely Catherine Zeta-Jones on bipolar disorder in general:

“I will not speak of my diagnosis. In general, however, I would say that those who suffer from bipolar depression should not feel alone. There are millions of people in the same situation… We must talk about it, see a specialist and not withdraw into ourselves, because this is the worst thing. Here, in the sufferer let me say this: know that you are not alone and that you are not the only one to have some terrible moments.”

And CZJ on being an A-lister in the eighties:

“I had a great head of hair and wore eye-catching make-up. They were good times. I worked and I followed the music scene in Los Angeles from afar. I lived between Wales and London, England, and I loved a different kind of music, the new romantic.”

… Wait. She liked a “different kind of music, the new romantic,” or she liked “a different kind of music, the New Romantics”? Because there’s a big, big difference, and if girlfriend was into this:

Oh, wait, no. Sorry. My bad. That’s the New Radicals. Because if she was into them, then we have some serious sit-down time we need to tend to. If she means the actual “New Romanticism” movement, then dear Lord, I am so on board with this woman that it’s not even funny. Sign me up for the David Bowie love, the Duran Duran love, the Culture Club love … I could really go on and on. (OK, I will! The Human League, Flock of Seagulls, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell …) F-ck. Can we just go on about this? No? OK. I’ll just leave this right here with you for a second and be back for it after the rest of Catherine’s interview:

Catherine on stage versus on set:

“Yes, you miss the applause of the audience. But [in] Rock of Ages I liked dancing with other dancers, it was like being at home, we spent hours and hours rehearsing. In a musical you work much more intensively than in a drama, but for me it is so rewarding. It makes me happy.”

So. Let’s get back to this music business. Doesn’t Catherine have some of the best musical taste ever? Come on.

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  • Ha! Some people just like to take a crap on something. XYZ is one of those people. How about showing us what you look like XYZ? We’ll be the judges and let you know what we think. Might even give you some “constructive criticism” on ways you could improve your appearance. And, what should and shouldn’t be photoshopped:)