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  • she is sooo pathetic. she needs to get a grip. it was a bachelor party. i hope she’s not as bad as my ex. Bitch tried banning me from her brothers bachelor party just because of possible strippers. why is she marrying him if she doesn’t even let him take a piss in private

    • You do realize that all that stuff about her reaction to the bachelor party was pure speculation on Sarah’s part, right? Like, we don’t actually know that Jessica’s flipping out about this – there’s not even some “source” from the Enquirer to back her up. I mean, I have no doubt it’s *possible* that what Sarah said is true, but until we have some reason to believe that it is, why say things like “she is sooo pathetic. she needs to get a grip”?

  • When my aunt and uncle married, they held a joint hen/stag do because they had been together for so long it didn’t even make sense to actually celebrate separately. They even had a child by then.

  • Ever since she’s started seeing this guy, she has looked as if her very blood was slowly being drained from her body and she just rolled out of bed. I mean, just look at that picture! Remember that hideous green and white tablecloth dress and her “brunette period”? That poor girl needs a transfusion.