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Now Everybody’s Mad Over This Picture of Kate Gosselin’s Kid

A photo of Kate Gosselin

Can I help some of you guys out for a minute? Because I have some advice that might change your whole entire life. Are you upset about something right now? Are you mad about something, or is something just bothering you? I want you to really think about it. Now, in the grand scheme of things, is it really that big a deal? Is it really so huge and awful that it casts a shadow over every good, positive thing in your life? If it’s not, then there you go, but if it is, think about this: is it something you can change? Can you do anything about it? If you can, then do it. If you can’t, then it’s done, and so there’s no reason to worry about it, is there?

Now let’s apply that logic to this photo that Kate Gosselin posted to Twitter of her 11-year-old daughter playing in her heels. Is it that big a deal? No, it’s a kid playing in her mom’s heels. Does it affect you at all? No, you do not know Kate Gosselin, you do not know her child, this is not illegal or wrong in any way. Can you do anything about this? No, it’s been posted on the internet, it’s done. Let this one go, friends.

But a lot of people are having trouble with that part, the “let it go” part. Because lots of people, even people who are somehow Kate Gosselin fans, are outraged about this photo. Here are some comments the photo received:

What Mom would showcase her 11 yr old’s legs to 100,000 Twitter followers with all the pedophiles out there, wearing Mom’s high heels!

Kate wants us to think that she has a little girl playing dress up in mommy’s shoes. Maddie is 11, a young lady, not a little girl playing, and deserves privacy, not to have her legs in high heels on display. Horrible mothering instincts, as usual.

This is an uproar…If you’re suppose to protect your kids why showcase her legs on to the world, how pathetic.

I didn’t get why everyone was upset over that photo of Jessica Simpson‘s baby, and I don’t get why everyone is upset over this. I’m definitely not a fan of Kate’s, but I just don’t think this photo is something to get mad about. It’s a kid playing in heels. It’s just like, you’re making me defend Kate Gosselin, world. Check your priorities.

To make myself feel better, I put together a video of my cats playing and definitely not hurting each other:

Have we all calmed down yet?

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  • I’m with you on this one, I didn’t get the big uproar over the Jessica Simpson baby picture and I sure don’t get why anyone would be upset over a kid playing in their Mothers’ shoes. What worries me is that a lot of these people instantly think of pedophiles when it comes to innocent pictures that parents have been taking of their children for years. It’s sad that the internet has turned nothing into something so ugly.

  • Oh, I love your cats so much! How much do you love that hugging while kicking thing cats do?
    Cats can lift the sadness out of any moment ever.

  • Can I just say THANK YOU for your take on these things??! Jesus people calm down! I don’t think some people are happy unless they can huff and judge others. Like you said I cannot believe I am having to DEFEND Kate Gosselin, ugh! People have been taking pictures of their kids’ adorable doings for ever and ever the only difference is now they can post them online for their friends/family/whatever to see. Do people SERIOUSLY think these ANKLES are going to be fodder for pedophiles?? Really?? With all the other crap on the net, and THIS is what’s unravelling the fabric of society?? SMH

  • I am amazed at how well your older cat took to the new rescue kitten! Every time I have tried in the past to bring in a new cat I end up with a house of hisses, screams and recriminations. I have thought about it with my current guy but at 17# I’m afraid he wouldn’t so much play with a new kitten as eat a new kitten. I don’t know how you did it but BRAVO! (Oh….and I don’t get the big outcry over a kid playing with her mom’s shoes. Some people have little else to do it seems…and should shut up and rescue a kitten, too!)

  • Aw Emily I can’t see your video at work! I’ll have to check again when I get home!! Getting back to the post what girl didn’t try her mother’s high heels?? OMG I was into her make up trying on her dresses and high heels all the time! People are really starting to scare me!!

  • I love that these people say “Kids shouldn’t grow up too fast! What is wrong with these celebrity mothers!” and then say “11 year old GIRLS should not be allowed to wear moms high heels!” Which is it crazy ladies? WHICH IS IT!? I can’t remember hw long it was before I stopped putting on my mothers clothes and heels! Ridiculous.