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Robert Pattinson Was Not Impressed by The New Kristen Stewart Pictures

A photo of Kristen Stewart

Yeah, remember Kristen Stewart’s sad face, walkin’ around town, carryin’ flowers in her belly shirt? Robert Pattinson saw those pictures too. His reaction? Something along the lines of “ugh, this bitch?”

From Radar:

Robert Pattinson didn’t care for ex Kristen Stewart’s choice of attire when she was photographed for the first time since news broke of her torrid affair with married director Rupert Sanders, is exclusively reporting.

Kristen, 22, was snapped in Los Angeles on Monday wearing a Baltimore Orioles cap backwards and a backpack — both of which are Rob’s — as well as a gold ring on her finger that Rob had given her.

“Rob’s not impressed by the photo of Kristen, and he’s not sure what she’s trying to prove,” a source close to the situation exclusively told

“He’s been doing his best to push through this, promoting his movie and everything while still trying to figure out where he and Kristen stand. With these photos of her wearing his hat, backpack and ring, it’s just got him wondering what kind of mind games she’s playing.”

As previously reported, Kristen has refused to discuss the intimate details of exactly what happened between her and the Snow White and the Huntsman director because she’s scared of Rob’s reaction and scared of the backlash from her fans.

“Kristen’s been consistently texting and calling Rob and he hasn’t really wanted to listen to how sorry she is or hear any excuses,” the source said. “So by Kristen wearing his stuff, he just feels like it was another way for her to reach out to him.”

And Rob’s pals are split on whether or not the Twilight hunk should reconcile his relationship with Kristen, but most are leaning towards urging him to move on.

“Even if he were ready to move on, Kristen’s not making it easy,” the insider said. “She’s not ready to let him go.”

She was wearing Rob’s hat and backpack? Oh my god. Stop. Everyone just stop. And by everyone, I clearly mean Kristen Stewart and whatever jackass is handling this situation for Kristen Stewart. She’s a sad puddle of tragedy and remorse. I get it. But it’s starting to get too weird.

So, Kristen Stewart: hopelessly in love and desperate to win back the love of her life, or just really incredibly selfish for not letting him go?

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