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Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Didn’t Love Rihanna’s Interview with Oprah

A photo of Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown

Oh, but just to clarify, when I referred to Chris Brown‘s girlfriend in that headline up there, I wasn’t referring to Rihanna. Even though Chris and Rihanna have been very strongly linked here recently, and even though there are tons of rumors that they are seeing each other again, when I say “Chris Brown’s girlfriend,” I’m talking about his other girlfriend. The official one, the one he keeps around for appearances or whatever. Karrueche. She caught Oprah’s interview with Rihanna, and she was not impressed.

From Hollywood Life:

“If Karreuche ever thought she stood a chance being Chris’ main bitch, she can forget that now. She watched Ri on Oprah and the girl was crying. She saw how much Chris and Ri love each other, on TV no less, and it made her shed some tears. Chris always told her Rihanna was his true love and now Rihanna told the whole world that too. Man, you would think K.T. would be in a bad place right now. I mean, she is because she’s crying,” a source  close to the situation tells exclusively.

In fact, Karrueche was so upset that she DISSED Rihanna with a tweet after the interview! But according to our source, Karrueche knows where she stands in Chris’ life.

“Make no mistake, KT know what time it is and she know where she stands in my [boy’s] life. Even though she ballin’ her eyes out, she knew this from jump street. I like K.T. though. She’s a girl I would have on my team any day and she good for Chris right now. She brings a whole new level to rebound broad,” the source adds.

Chris is trying to keep everyone’s feelings in check. He even reached out to Rihanna after the interview — he loves her too!

“You gotta give it to Chris though because he ain’t trying to hurt nobody. She damn well knew how he felt at that time about Ri and I think now more than anytime she knows it’s real. But I want you to know Chris ain’t no pimp like that. He ain’t trying to hurt Ri or K.T. or anybody. He just being real and keeping the game 100,” our source says.

“She (K.T.) gone be around for a minute though. She ain’t going no where right now. But man, Chris and Ri, it’s gone happen. Just wait.”

I was totally prepared to believe all of this, because Chris Brown is an asshole, and assholes do asshole-ish things like telling their girlfriends that they will never ever be their main bitch all the time. But that tweet that the article refers to, the one where Karreuche dissed Rihanna? She tweeted “LOL.” That’s it. Not to anyone, no tags, no nothing, just a good old-fashioned “LOL.” It was a few hours after Rihanna’s interview aired though, and obviously everything this girl ever says or does or tweets in her life has to do with Rihanna. Ugh.

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  • So Tran knows now she will never be Chris Brown’s “main bitch”? Wow, she must be so relieved! She may have been worried there for a minute that they were in a real relationship and she actually had to give a damn about that jerk. Sure dodged a bullet there, girl!

  • Typical abuser pattern to emotionally/physically/mentally control everyone around you and make everything about you. Not saying Chris Brown is an abuser, but if it quacks like a duck?

  • I can’t stand Rhianna or Chris Brown! They deserve each other and Karrueche is so much better than the both of them put together!