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Lindsay Didn’t Steal Any Jewelry, Fled The State After Questioning

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

There are a couple of new stories about Lindsay Lohan‘s latest jewelry heist, which makes me believe that it’s going to turn into a big thing. It’s always so hard to tell at first, you know? This girl just gets into so many shenanigans that you never know when she’s going to get busted and when she’s going to pull some of her meth magic and work her way out of whatever bad situation she got herself into. But I think this might turn into something.

If you’ll remember, Lindsay was at a house party on Monday night where a lot of expensive jewelry went missing. The owner of the house called the police, and the police came to question all the party guests, including Lindsay. She was all “who, me? Couldn’t be!” and then when the police were done questioning her, she asked if she was a suspect. When they told her that she wasn’t (yet), and she left the house. And then flew to New York:

Lindsay Lohan is getting the hell out of dodge after police questioned the actress regarding an alleged Hollywood Hills burglary yesterday — catching a flight out of L.A. this afternoon.

We’re told Lindsay is bound for New York — where her mother Dina lives. It’s unclear what she has planned in the Big Apple.

As we reported, Lindsay was interviewed by police yesterday following an all-night party in a Hollywood Hills mansion — during which several expensive watches and sunglasses allegedly went missing.

Lindsay told police she had nothing to do with any stolen property — but the house owner believes she invited the burglars into the home.

About that last part: it turns out that Lindsay’s one of those annoying people who you invite to your party and in turn invites a handful of people that you don’t even know. She showed up with four dudes – her brother, Cody, her assistant, and two other guys – and the home owner thinks those two dudes without roles are the ones who did the stealing. Makes sense, you know, when there are two sketchy strangers in your house.

But hey, how about that impromptu trip to New York? I’m sure it’s no big deal, right? Probably doesn’t even mean a thing.

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  • I am just too preoccupied with that picture to really focus on the story. Has she got cheek implants that are in the process of dropping. Ol’ flop lip, drop cheeks?

  • Suppose to be going to New York for business meetings, I’m holding my laughter for now but I hope she gets on the internet and looks up some of these beach pics and saves enough money for a good sports bra or maybe a boob lift.