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Taylor Swift Loves Her Kennedy with All Her Heart

A photo of Taylor Swift

Just look at those two kids up there, holding hands and frolicking merrily along the beach! Have you ever seen a couple look more content? More in love? More goofy?

Once you get over the sheer romance of this photo, you can start to see a few other noteworthy things. For instance, Taylor is in another darling swimsuit, while Conor looks like he’s wearing boxers underneath his trunks (is that a thing?). Taylor is staring straight at the camera, exuding that familiar sense of desperation, while Conor is looking downward and perhaps seems a little bummed out. Probably because summer’s almost over and he’ll have to go back to school soon. High school. Because Taylor Swift’s boyfriend is still in high school.

At first it seemed kind of odd to me that Taylor would want to date an 18-year-old – who, please remember, was 17 when they started dating – but now it all makes sense. Taylor has the mindset of an eighth grader, and she’s going to be dating a senior. In high school. She’s going to be so popular.

Here’s one more picture:

A photo of Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy


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