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Kim Kardashian Isn’t Even Getting Divorced Until Next Year

A photo of Kim Kardashian

From People:

Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries is so mired in court that a settlement is looking out of reach and a trial doesn’t appear likely until next year.

“To say I am frustrated is an understatement,” the reality star’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, complained to a judge Tuesday at a Los Angeles Superior Court hearing, according to E Online.

Humphries, 27, a pro basketball player, is seeking to annul the August 2011 televised wedding on the grounds the marriage was a fraud. Kardashian, 31, wants a straightforward divorce.

Now 10 months after the breakup, litigation shouldn’t last this long, Kardashian’s camp argues, due to a prenup and the fact that the two have no kids. Her side blames the delays on what it calls Humphries’s foot-dragging and odd tactics.

The latest weirdness, Wasser says, was leaving a deposition request for Kardashian boyfriend Kanye West in a Nordstrom’s box at Kardashian’s front door, when a simple delivery to the attorney’s office would have sufficed.

Humphries lawyer counters that Kardashian’s side hasn’t been helpful in providing business records needed to prepare for dozens of depositions, including stepdad Bruce Jenner.

Man, I bet Kanye is pissed. How is he supposed to marry this perfect bitch if he can’t even propose until next year? Shit is bananas.

But really, what’s Kris Humphries being an ol’ sneaky sneakster for? Why is he dragging it out this long? Kim has agreed to give him millions of dollars to just settle the damn thing already, but he keeps refusing because he wants an annulment. And I can understand why he wants to clean up this big mess of a bad decision as much as possible, and I’m on his side here, but isn’t it just time to count your losses and be done with it?

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  • I feel he wants to prove himself right so he’s not backing down plus he’s probably playing with her! She wants a divorce so bad so she can marry Kanye and Chris knows it so he’s making her suffer! Haha paybacks a bitch!!

  • Kanye take this troubled time to rethink the plans for your life with her.. and look in the mirror and see how stupid you are ..

  • If Kris Humphries has any sense he will depose Amber Rose. She can tell how Kim was having an affair with Kanye. I think that they had something going on for a long time which continued while Kim was married to Kris.

  • Obviously, Kris wants Kim to acknowledge before a jury of her “peers” that she’s a superficial fame-whoring cunt and that the marriage WAS a fraud so the she can also be judged in the court of public opinion (like we all don’t KNOW what she is!). Deposing Amber Rose is inspired, but I bet Kanye has already paid her off to keep her yap shut. I have to admit that it WOULD indeed be entertaining for a judge to declare that marriage – publicly and in court – a fraud.