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Rihanna’s About to Go Public With Chris Brown, I Guess

photo of rihanna and chris brown dating again secret pictures
Is anyone really surprised by this? Because I’m not. These two have been going at it in private, probably since the approximate time that Rihanna‘s black eye swelling went down, and the stories having only been amping up and up in the previous months. From Entertainmentwise:

The pair are rumoured to have hooked up while both were in the South of France recently and although Chris still has a girlfriend, Vietnamese model Karrueche Tran decided during the meeting to “give things a go”.

“Rihanna has wanted Chris back for three years now. And it seems there’s no holding her back,” a source told Heat magazine.

It isn’t just the public that the ‘We Found Love’ star has to contend with, it is her mentor Jay Z who has been staunchly against a reunion. Now it seems Riri has faced the rapper though and put him straight on her future with the ‘Yeah X3’ star.

The source added: “Jay travelled from New York to Antibes for dinner with Rihanna at Le Michelangelo restaurant on Friday July 27, where she apparently told him that Chris was the love of her life and she wanted him back.”

In short, Rihanna’s a stupid f-cking idiot, Chris Brown is probably remorseless, because he seems like one of the idiots who’d believe that, “Hey, it was a bad scene for awhile there, but I wouldn’t take it back and I wouldn’t change it because it brought me to where I am today, blah blah blah,” and Karreuche Tran? I don’t know what her part in this is (aside from being a pathetic doormat), but one thing’s for certain—all of these people are morons.

Also, that recent Blind Item about Chris Brown? It’s definitely true. All of that “making ‘her’ have sex with his friends” because “he wanted sex with other people” and not hitting her “most of the time”? That’s definitely Chris and Karreuche, if I may add my two cents. Because SCUMBAG. The End.

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  • I hope, if this will happen, that it will end her career. That would mean there is some common sense left in the world. If however her career takes off even more despite the reunion, we’re in for a ride. I will probably lose all faith in society.

    • I would get ready for that fall.

      Current world society and certainly USA society is decadent and degraded in the extreme. At this point societal failure or radical culture-shift is coming.

      Also, you aren’t considering that maybe she likes getting treated like crap. *shrug* I have very little sympathy.

      There is absolutely no common sense left in the world. Society has engineered that by bailing out those that make poor choices and willfully not teaching logic. Why worry when you can slough off your mistakes into other people’s porridge?

    • Huh? Why would you want her career to end? Why wouldn’t you just want her to get the proper treatment and help that she so obviously needs. She was the victim, remember. She has never hurt anybody other than herself, but now you want to hurt her too. You want to finish what Chris Brown started, because he attacked her in part in order to try to damage her career. She is obviously a deeply troubled young woman. Now, you want to punish her for being a victim? What is wrong with you?

      Instead of wishing that she lose her career, why don’t you wish that she gain a therapist. People who think that abused women should be punished for not acting the way they want instead of thinking that they should be in treatment are usually people who hate women just as much as the batterers.

      • It’s not like to finish her career day to night, but that she would stop being the “role model” she is, and considerably lose sells, i wish she could realize how wrong this is but perhaps she need a wake up call from her fans. I used to enjoy Chris music but everything he touches torn apart, see Rihanna or Justin Bieber who now acts like a total douche.
        I hope she stop for a minute really think what’s she doing,there’s no happy ending for them.

  • @pique: people still buy his records, his fans barely cared about him beating rihanna up so i doubt a lot of people will care if they get together again.

    i dont want celebs as role models but we have to face that they are to quite a lot young kids and this sends such a bad signal to young girls which might get into an abusive relationship.

  • probably…..,he seems…. ,more than likely……(sigh) i give up
    is there a def answer on whether or not they are reunited? nope
    but everybody hates chris (probably ,more than likely)