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Look, It’s Macaulay Culkin!

[Image removed on request]

Here is the most recent photo available of Macaulay Culkin, alleged heroin addict with six months to live. The photo was taken on Friday while he was headed down to Lindsay‘s favorite place on earth, Chateau Marmont. And doesn’t he just look so much better?

That’s what people are saying. Really, people are saying that Macaulay looks way better here than he did the last time we saw him. And I’m sorry, but no, no he does not. Just because this photo was taken from a greater distance than the last one, and just because he’s wearing sunglasses so we can’t see his creepy eyes does not mean that he’s looking better. He still looks like he’s wasting away, he still looks too pale to be healthy (even for Macaulay Culkin), but the thing that really gives it away? You’ll have to look very closely to see it, except you won’t, because he’s clutching his stomach and he looks like he’s about to vomit everywhere and/or pass out and/or literally cough up a lung. I think that’s the real hint that no, he doesn’t look so much better actually.

So where do you guys stand now? Does this guy look like a heroin addict to you? Or could Macaulay be dry heaving in this picture because he just saw Lindsay Lohan?

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  • He might have seen Lindsay sunning in her white bathing suit or from the looks of him, he’s really sick from drugs or a very bad disease.

  • It’s his reaction to thinking that Asston is having to wear a board across his ass and taking sloppy seconds after Mac wrecked Mila’s moneymaker with his massive peen.

  • He looks strung out like a mutha. I knew a young man who died at 22 from an unbeatable heroin addiction. His funeral was one of the saddest things I’ve ever witnessed. I really hope Mac is ok.