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Johnny Depp Kind of Looks Like a Tool, Yeah?

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Since his new thing is not being an amazing, unbelievable actor with a heart of gold and a wonderful, close-knit family unit anymore, it appears Johnny‘s gone and substituted all of those things with something new—looking like a reject from his many Pirates movies and hanging out with RAWKERS like Marilyn Manson (his new bestie!) and now, Aerosmith.

These pictures were taken of Johnny at a party for his new musical collaboration with Aerosmith*, and sources are saying that they show Johnny’s first public smiles (? wtf) post-breakup with long-term girlfriend (and mother of his two children, Lily Rose and Jack), Vanessa Paradis.

I guess my only advice for him would be to wash off the eyeliner from the prior night before putting on so much heavy foundation. It just looks that chick who, in high school, felt the need to slather her just-fine skin with six layers of liquid makeup and then dusting it heavily with her Cover Girl compact pad. Gross.

*No, really, he’s singing backing vocals on Aerosmith songs, now, too. The disease has spread from wailing with Marilyn Manson on a guitar to wailing along with Steven Tyler in a microphone. Good God. What Steven Tyler told Rolling Stone about Depp’s musical appearance on the band’s latest album:

“Johnny added backup vocals to the politically conscious rocker ‘Freedom Fighter’. But the song may end up an outtake or on a later deluxe edition of the album.”

The new album is called ‘Music from Another Dimension!’ and is set to drop in November. Doubtless it’s going to be a mega-fabulous endeavor. Eyeroll.

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  • I never thought I would live in a world where I thought that Johnny Depp looked like a tool, but I do. I really, really do.

  • Uh, Johnny Depp has looked dirty and slovenly for years. The only time he cleans up is when there’s money to be made. Can’t believe he goes out in public looking like that.

    • Thank you! I’ve been telling my girlfriends that swoon over him that same thing for years. In movies, sure, I guess he’s pretty good looking but whenever I think about how he looks in his everyday life I get so grossed out. Not only is he sloppy but the over abundance of rings, bracelets, necklaces and scarves are so over the top. Dress your damn age. He’s taking the somewhat pleasing (in some cases) hipster-esque fashion and just making it look silly.

  • Yeah, he hasn’t dressed well since he decided to adopt Capt Jack as his real life fashion muse – reeks of a guy who thinks he’s still hip even though … well at least you still have a pretty face Johnny

  • Oh, please! Sarah you just know you wouldn’t be ragging him so hard if he hadn’t broken up with what’s-her-face. That’s what has really hacked you off and you’re letting it color everything you say about Johnny! His love life has nothing to do with his talent or over-all good guy rep. Like my mother always says,”Born a hottie, die a hottie.” Yeah, I wish he would ditch the guy-liner, etc., but he’s still a cutie and FINALLY dumped that old holey brown hat…along with his old girlfriend. Good luck, Johnny!

  • Hey you all! You leave my brother alone! Just because (and I admit) he’s only made two good movies (Ed Wood and Blow), and he is more full of himself than perhaps anyone else in todays world, that’s no reason to make fun of him! He’s friends with all the coolest people..slyly slid into Disney contract (as if he weren’t rich enough already…’now a guzilluonaire), of course devilishly good looking and always a fashion plate (of shrimp)…”say someone says ‘plate or’shrimp, or ‘plate of shrimp…no explanation…’no point in looking for one either”. You leave my brother alone. Go do your own 21 Jumpstreet! And dont be a playah hatah!