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The Other Pitt Talks About Brad Pitt’s Bigot Mother

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Doug Pitt is just so cute. Even amidst his new-found Internet fame, he won’t throw his mother under the bus for being a nasty, gay-hating, Democrat-despising old bitty. In the above video clip, Pitt (Doug, that is) was asked his thoughts on what his mother recently had to say about reelecting that damn Bay-rack Hoo-sane President for another four terms, and if you can’t watch the video (or don’t like my Doug, for whatever reason, though I can’t fathom that being the case), here’s the gist of it:

“You know, I think moms and dads and kids agree to disagree all over the world. So why would our family be any different? There can be healthy discussion when people disagree with you. The bad thing is when it turns to venom and negativity, and we don’t have that in our family. It’s open discussion. We can learn from each other and, if anything, it solidifies your point. Or maybe you learn something.”

Which is cute. It’s typical, cute Doug doing a typical, cute, non-controversial response on something that actually does make a difference to a lot of people in the world, and namely in the US. It’s plain and bland and vanilla. Kind of like Doug himself is (which is OK, because his plain-vanilla-bland is endearing so far) plain and bland and vanilla. But I have to kind of go ahead and disagree with him that it’s just “OK” to agree to disagree. Yeah, there are some things that are fine to agree to disagree on (example: I f-cking hate rap music, but I can agree to disagree with those who think it’s the best shit on earth. I might f-cking hate it, but hey. To each his own, right?), but there are a whole lot of other things to *not* agree to disagree on. And those things usually mean something significant to others (example: well … not rap music, and maybe something more important like equal rights for people of different races, colors, creeds, ethnicities, or—look out!—SEXUAL PREFERENCES).

I still like you, Doug, but I’ve got some advice for you if you want to be as notable as your brother, Brad—sometimes it’s OK to rock the boat. You know? Lots of times it changes things, and change isn’t always a bad thing.

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    • You’re an idiot.
      The author has an opinion on Pitt’s mother and Doug Pitt’s wishy-washy response in an interview. Who are you to tell her what to comment on or feel angry about? Asshole.

  • *sigh* You guys really shouldn’t debate politics or sociology. Why can’t you stick to celebrity?

    See, christianity is a creed and also an ethnicity. So are bloggers (an ethnic group), by the way.

    In any event, what you’re saying is that YOU don’t think SHE should get her opinion because YOU don’t think that she should? I imagine she probably feels the same way about you; don’t delude yourself into thinking you aren’t a bigot.

    A number of my friends would point their finger at you and call you a racist because you don’t like rap music. (I know that they’re being racist by doing so, but it isn’t really worth the trouble.)

    Your argument, objectively, about gay people would fall into trouble if you say PREFERENCE. See, the whole underpinnings of the current LGBT movement is that they don’t have a CHOICE in their orientation. A preference would immediately remove this special distinction. Currently they are thought of by progressives as having no choice. (It is a belief, instead of fact. It is unprovable.) If they have a CHOICE then equal rights becomes a much weaker argument.

    From the viewpoint of the tyranny of Political Correctness, you’re dead in the wrong and an inflexible sexist (bitty) age-biased (old) intolerant (democrat-hating) anti-christian (gay-hating) set of bigoted beliefs.

    See, the problem you’re encountering is this whole “love everyone but the people we don’t like” thing the progressives have been lying to you about.

    You don’t like christians that think homosexuality is wrong but think they should embrace homosexuality which you think is right. In their belief you DIE FOREVER if you’re a homosexual.

    Do you know anything about Jeremiah Wright? He was anti-gay (strongly) up until recently. He’s an anti-semite, anti-american, and strongly racist. He was Obama’s pastor. No extreme condemnation there?

    Obama is a member of the CBC. They’re strongly racist (as in they refuse to allow ANYONE but black people on the strength of their race). How is that not wrong too?

    My point here is that the method that you’re using to hurl invective at people you don’t like is that it makes you one too, or worse.

    Of course, I don’t believe I am going to change your opinion as that’d cause you to be wrong and cognitive dissonance isn’t going to allow you to do that. It’s OK. If I can start you thinking that’ll be a good start.

    What you could’ve said was: “I think Jane Pitt holds some ANTIQUATED beliefs and is sadly biased (bigoted would be too pejorative) and out of touch with modern society. We should pity her.”

    • Wow, me thinks a thinly-veiled tea farty twat got their long-winded diapers in a twist! Now, go back to your Thesaurus and look up a whole bunch of new words to tell me what I REALLY think.

      • I don’t need a thesaurus, but thanks.

        You see, by splattering invective, you invalidate yourself. Not to mention by blathering ad hominem (and REALLY incorrect) attacks you simply re-enforce what I said.

        It does make me laugh that you missed ENTIRELY my message though and called yourself a bigot in several ways.

        I don’t really understand where you get that I’m a “thinly-veiled tea farty twat”. Or that I was “upset”. That’s just plain odd.

        Anyway, I think you’re inside your own “tea-party” mindset and go ape when anyone conflicts with your own beliefs. It makes you appear quite irrational.

    • Splattering invectives validates me, because I’m funny and I’m completely right about you,and all the other twerps like you, man! I got you dead on and you’re trying to blather yourself out. I call em like I see em. Step up and own your twat-ness!!! You are not nearly as smart as you think you are if you can’t “get” my wonderful sarcasm. So, post like the college professor you wish you were. Dogging me doesn’t make me wrong, nor does it make you right…because you’re not. Goodnight and put down the Cliff Notes…you ain’t fooling nobody. I’m sleepy. Good night, Professor Tea Party Twat.

      • I’m gonna guess that you don’t have many friends.

        I’ll be your friend.

        You really need a hug.

        *hugs blasted1*

        *offers tray of refreshments and plate ‘o cookies*

  • I dunno, I’m assuming he just didn’t want to stir more shit up with some controversial comment either against or supporting his mother’s given that he seems like such a normal, out-of-the-limelight guy. I also think healthy discussion and debate is the best way to handle things. While I don’t agree that all opinions are created equal, sometimes with people such as Brad’s mom who are so set in their ways, the best you can hope for is to agree to disagree (at the most loosen up their backwards views). K, now that that is over… I LOVE HIM. HE IS SO CUTE. I WANT HIM IN MY POCKET.

  • Oh great……another liberal blog buying that farce of a president….I wouldn’t hire him to run my copier

    • You get an “F” in debate class, then…..didn’t that jerk say something about cookies?…..It’s not that I can’t be bribed, you know, especially with chocolate chips????!!!!!