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Listen to This: Amy Winehouse’s New Single, ‘Cherry Wine’

Oh Amy.

I could do without all the Nas, though he’s probably one of the best rappers in the game today (which isn’t saying a whole lot anyway, when you have people like TYGA or whatever out there)

From the Huff Po:

Nas’ collaboration with the late Amy Winehouse has finally surfaced. The track, “Cherry Wine,” premiered on BBC’s Radio 1 on Tuesday night.

Produced by Salaam Remi, “Cherry Wine” will appear on the rapper’s tenth studio album, Life is Good, which is slated for a July 17th release. Nas and Winehouse previously collaborated on “Like Smoke,” which appeared on Winehouse’s posthumous album Lioness: Hidden Treasures.

I don’t know, guys. I love Amy and I miss her and there’s still a big old empty spot in my heart where a live, thriving Amy would normally fit (if she were, you know, still live and thriving), and I still have to say it—maybe if girl had laid off the ‘smoke’ and ‘wine’ a little bit more and focused on cranking out beautiful music like she used to be so good at doing, she might be here with us today, celebrating ‘Cherry Wine’ in July of 2012.

As it were, she’s not, and we only have things like ‘smoke’ and like ‘wine’ to blame. And, you know, the obvious addiction to both.

RIP Amy. Good to see that your music is still living on though you’re not.

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  • This is not an Amy Winehouse song. This is a Nas song and Amy is featured and singing the hook. So if you could do without the ‘Nas’ then I guess you could do without the whole damn song.

    You clearly do not know that much about Amy Winehouse or you would know that the Amy Winehouse song featuring Nas is “Like Smoke”.

    Amy Winehouse thought enough of him to record with him.

  • Amy Winehouse was so talented and had so much potential. It’s sad we lost her. I miss her. Thanks for the heads up on the Evertalk page Christina.