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I’m Officially in Love With Brad Pitt’s Brother

Well. How is it that Doug has stayed in Brad’s shadow for even this long? He’s positively adorable and endearing and his deadpan delivery of such funny lines is pure talent. He’s like a hot Mister Rogers. Who I would totally do.

Man, if it weren’t for this Katie HolmesTom Cruise thing, Doug and his Virgin promo might actually have a shot at being number one in celebrity news today.

Isn’t he just darling, guys? Don’t you just want to kiss him and hug him and make him your very own Pitt?

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  • Aw.. we will never know if Tony got his pony.. A story told by Air Force recruit Andy Griffin as Will Stockdale in No Time for Sergeants. RIP Mr. Griffin, thanks for all the smile and great acting, singing, story telling you did for us those many years.