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LeAnn Rimes Looks … Different

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Does she have her teeth out or something? What’s that? She doesn’t wear dentures? Oh. Could have fooled me. Them there’s some pretty crazy-looking veneers, then.

I mean, what’s going on with her face? Did she swallow a few of those veneers? I don’t know. I just can’t even imagine what’s going on inside that mouth of hers today, guys.

Also, Extra TV recently caught up with LeAnn and Eddie—and since it’s been a whole, like, ten days since we last talked about LeAnn and the Creepiest Birthday Cake of All Time, I figured I’d let you guys in on this little gem of a video. It features LeAnn and her husband talking about just how well they’ve gotten to know one another over the last year of their marriage. Because, you know, they celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary just about eight weeks ago AND THEY’RE STILL TALKING ABOUT IT. Just … just watch the video, OK?

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Ugh, Josh Brolin is LeAnn’s celebrity crush. I’m sure he’s feeling really good today, too. And Eddie doesn’t have a celebrity crush? Come on, how coached of an answer is that? LeAnn probably gave him the death stare while he answered that question. I have no doubts that the guy’s ass was clenched like a fist. I don’t know. I tuned out right around that part and started looking at the photo of LeAnn’s teeth again.

Can we get a discussion going on what’s happening with LeAnn’s ever-evolving grill? They’re big, they’re small, they’re white, they’re ultrabrite … I can barely keep up. I HAVE TOOTH FATIGUE.

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  • She does look different, but I think it’s because her forehead looks a little…eh, ‘refreshed’? Couldn’t bring myself to watch the video though

  • Definitely something going on between her eyes, that wasn’t there before. Coincidentally, she was complaining about tooth pain and going to the dentist the other day. Every time she goes to the dentist, it seems, her face comes out looking differently. She’s not very good at lying.

  • She looks like she’s lost about 15 pounds. That’s why her teeth look “funny”. Ever see a sun-dried corpse picture? Tan & teeth, baby.

  • She put a thumbnail photo on her twitter of her with brown hair, that is absolutely terrifying! Long upper lip and slitty eyes… I don’t know, it has me thinking of scary old Joan Crawford movies.

  • She certainly doesn’t have a pretty face but I have to say her body is amazing. Best celebrity bikini body around, for sure. Leann should live in her bikini and never take it off.

  • Of course they are still talking about how “blissful” their first year of married life is; afterall, Eddie is cheating on Leann. What better way to convince people that her hubby isn’t sleeping with other woman or still pining for his ex-wife, than to have Extra release parts of an interview that they did about 4 weeks ago each and every week. Yeap, that will once and for all put all rumors to rest about Eddie’s affairs right? What celebrity couple spends this much time validating their marriage and attempting to prove that her husband isn’t cheating on her?Is Leann Eddie’s beard?

    What was left out of the interview, is the fact that Eddie and Leann were not alone when they did this interview. On other sites the woman who Leann made out with while Eddie watched and took photos was at the event with them. Leann is hiding her husband’s mistress in plain sight.

    It’s not hard to guess who Eddie’s celebrity crush is. All you have to do is pay attention to who Leann is copying at the moment. Josh Brolin? Did Eddie’s ex-wife tweet about Josh Brolin or mention watching a movie with Josh Brolin in it?

    What is wrong with Leann’s face? Her hubby doesn’t like the way she looks so she keeps having surgeries to fix her face, only to realize that no matter what she does to her face, Eddie will never like her.

  • LeAnn just looks…fugly. Nothing new, same old butter face. She always appears to be clutching, holding, hanging onto Eddie. Must suck knowing he will cheat on you at any moment? I’m guessing that Eddie has gotten sick of having to “do” that face for ca$h about right now. He must constantly close his eyes so he doesn’t have to peer into those slits. If they ever have the misfortune of having a child together….OMG – the kid won’t have any eyes….just lizardlike slits. LeAnn is anorexic which makes her ginormous mouth/veneers appear even bigger. Her big fake boobs stick out of her bony chest. Man, she is one fugly woman. Yuck.