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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Weren’t Even “Together” in the Weeks Leading Up to Katie’s Divorce Filing

photo of katie holmes and tom cruise together pictures 2012
From TMZ:

According to our sources, Tom was in town for a few days around June 10 to film a movie. We’re told Tom did not stay in the apartment the couple has in NYC … but rather at The Greenwich Hotel … and never once stepped in or near the apartment.

Our sources say Katie, meanwhile, was going back and forth between the apartment she and Tom shared, and a new apartment she recently got. The two were both photographed during their time in NYC (see above) but never together.

We’re told Katie did bring Suri to visit Tom at the hotel on two occasions for a few hours and that the visits were unplanned — Tom’s own security didn’t even know they were coming.

According to the people we spoke to in Tom and Katie’s building … they couldn’t remember the last time they had seen Tom. Our sources say that while they were clearly having problems, Tom had no idea this was coming and his entire team was caught flat-footed by the filing.

Wow. So is this the first inside look at the couple’s marriage? Because if Tom was just so caught off-guard by Katie’s filing, but was used to the practice of being in the same city and maintaining separate residences, then that’s one crap marriage if you ask me.

As for all of this divorce talk, I’m obsessed. I’m becoming obsessed. I want to know every last possible detail. I need to know every last possible detail! Can you imagine the mileage everyone’s going to get out of this? Gosh.

Radar Online also has leaked information concerning Tom’s plan of action—sources say that Tom will file an acknowledgement with the state of New York, and will counter-divorce in California. OF COURSE TOM’S GOING TO COUNTER-DIVORCE. From Radar:

“Tom will file for divorce in California, and will most request joint custody of Suri. There is absolutely no way that he is going let Katie have sole custody. The lines are being drawn, and this is going shape up to be a very contentious custody battle.”

And the drama continues …

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  • I’M OBSESSED TOO! I want to know every last detail Sarah, and I’m counting on you and Emily to bring the dirt. All the weird Scientology nonsense and Tom’s clearly insane and controlling style…I gotta know how Katie could do it for those 5 years.

  • So, it almost sounds like maybe a few did know of her second apartment? If I were her, I would check my residence to make sure it is not bugged. I don’t see how she will get sole custody. I am on her side.

  • I don’t think we will ever really know though, just like with Nicole Kidman and Mimi before her, did anyone ever really find out why?
    (well, I didn’t!)

  • I find it so suspicious that Katie is 33, and Nicole and Mimi were both also 33 when their marriages to Tom ended.

    • Word. If you look up all his former ladies’ birthdays, they are, in chronological order: 1956, 1967, 1978. Will his next wife be from the year 1989? Creeper.

      • Whoa! I didn’t realize all of THAT! You ladies have blown my mind. I am even more engrossed in this divorce than before.

      • I’m born in ’89 haha maybe me then?? Oh wait, I’m not an 5ft9 up-and-coming actress… what a shame…

  • Here’s my thing – much as my sympathies lie with Katie and she seems to be a solid mom and, I were I to be in similar shoes I’m sure I’d want to get my kid away from the control of that church, Katie did know that Tom was a Scientologist when dating him, marrying him, and bearing his child. Why is this suddenly a problem?

    • Undesirable traits seem to become stronger as people age. Maybe his involvement has increased even more so, and she realized she couldn’t ignore it, fix it, or join in?

  • Remember when Tom wanted a divorce from Nicole and she didn’t have a clue either! She was devastated and said she never saw it coming! I have a feeling he knew but just in case he didn’t…… hahahaha how does it feel asswipe!!