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Get Ready for The Divorce of The Decade!

A photo of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

From Radar:

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are scheduled to have their depositions taken in their ongoing divorce proceedings at the end of June, is exclusively reporting.

As we previously reported, Humphries’ lawyer plans on asking Kim about her decision to keep the $325k white Ferrari that was given to the former couple by a wealthy Malaysian businessman as a wedding gift, amongst other matters vexing her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Kardashian filed for divorce after only 72 days of marriage, and has since moved on to date Kanye West.

“Kim’s deposition will take place at her lawyerLaura Wasser’s office at the end of June and Kris’ attorney Lee Hutton will do the majority of the questioning,” a source close to the former couple tells “The deposition is scheduled to last for an entire day. Kris’ deposition will take place in Minnesota towards the end of June also and Kim’s attorney will have to fly from California for that. Kris lives in Minnesota during the off season and this is where his attorney is based. His deposition is also scheduled to take a full business day.”

As previously reported, Kris is pushing hard for their divorce case to go to trial and for cameras to be allowed to film the proceedings, something the usually publicity-hungry Kardashian is vehemently against.

“Kim is just livid that she has to be deposed. She has tried to get out of it, but there is no way she can,” the source says. “Kris is ready for his deposition to be taken and just wants the truth to get out about what really happened when they were dating and after the wedding,” the source says.

Despite all the hours I’ve spent watching Law and Order: SVU, I actually don’t know all that much about law. Shocking, right? But I know that some of you are much more knowledgeable than I am in this area, so just give it to me straight: am I going to be able to hear every single thing that Kim and Kris discuss in these depositions? They’re supposed to spend an entire business day each talking about their relationship and the divorce, so are they going to video it and release it on E! or something? Can I at least read some notes about it? Because I am dying to hear Kris talk about Kim for eight hours.

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  • Yes, you should be able to read anything that makes it into the deposition. These used to be presented like a QnA with the responses just written down, but more commonly these days (and hopefully for you!) they tend to be videotaped for submission to the judge. So that’s likely why Kris is pushing for all of this, to ensure its all ‘documented’ from his perspective.

    • Oh wow. I actually figured it wouldn’t be possible, but that sounds so awesome. Thank you so much!

  • Kim lawyer will have it sealed…that why they get paid the big bucks. Even when the divorce is final Kris will be under a gag order. Money wins all the time.

  • Deposition transcripts are not public, at least in PA. The information learned in them can be used at trial, but as stated by Marla, these proceedings are likely to be sealed.

  • God i hope he spills his guts about EVERYTHING! She KEPT a FERRARI?!?!?! are you KIDDING me?!?!? it is becoming more and more obvious that she did that WHOOOOLE wedding for the publicity, the money and the gifts and it was all a complete and total sham! the truth about her needs to come out.