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Adam Levine Is Too Gross to Handle

A photo of Adam Levine

Adam Levine did a lengthy interview with Details, and I honestly can’t even believe how awful he sounds. He sounds like a smarmy, ignorant asshole. I thought about counting how many times I sighed and rolled my eyes while reading through it, but I decided against it after the second time, because sometimes you just know when something is total garbage.

Here are some excerpts so that you can feel the ickiness for yourself:

On being misrepresented: “I’ve always felt a little misrepresented in the world. I felt like people only knew me as a singer who dated pretty girls. A little bit of a bimbo. Maybe I was kind of a bimbo,” he adds, laughing. “I was the music dude that was naked all the time with the girls, and that’s fine, no problem with that. But I wanted to create a little balance. When the show [The Voice] came around, I thought, ‘People now know that I have a brain.'”

On Christina Aguilera: “I always thought Christina was the best pop singer around. She wasn’t just a pop star—she could sing her f-cking ass off. We butted heads a little in the beginning. I had sympathy for her being the only girl, though, so I laid off. Blake has a charming way of bickering with her, but I can’t pull that off. We’re totally cool now.”

On yoga: “You know what yoga’s good for?” Adam Levine asks, pausing in mid-thought as he discusses his healthful lifestyle. He draws to his feet, balances in the private jet’s narrow aisle, points at his crotch, and thrusts his pelvis like a porn star. “I’ll tell you what yoga is good for: Fuuuu-k-ing,” he chimes, in a singsong falsetto, then laughs.

On understanding women: “One of my theories on why I’m so capable of understanding women is that after my parents split, my mom moved in with her brother’s ex-wife—my aunt—who was also newly single,” he says. “So I was living in a house with two jilted women, plus my cousin, who’s more like my sister, and my brother, Michael, who we eventually find out is gay. Just the estrogen alone . . . You know when you’re 14 and terrified to talk to a girl? I didn’t suffer much from that. It seemed very natural to me to talk to girls.”

On loving women: “There’s two kinds of men,” Levine posits. “There are men who are f-cking misogynist pigs, and then there are men who just really love women, who think they’re the most amazing people in the world. And that’s me. Maybe the reason I was promiscuous, and wanted to sleep with a lot of them, is that I love them so much.”

On attention: “I love attention. I can’t stand not having it. It just has to be the right kind. To do what you love, to be with the people you love? That’s all I want. That’s the ‘kwan.'”

Ok, some parts aren’t that bad. That’s nice about Christina, I guess. But that part about yoga? And oh my god, he sleeps with a lot of women because he loves them so much? Is that really what he just said?

Adam might love attention, but I don’t think he really understands what “the right kind” of attention is. If he did, he would say stupid, ridiculous shit like this in an interview. Or to anyone at all.

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  • Called it. Years ago I labelled this guy as a giant douche bag and it’s finally been confirmed.

  • He is just a goofy, highly sexualized guy. I know men like this. They do just fucking love women and narrow minded people start pointing and calling “douche” because they don’t understand the difference between a guy that you try to keep and a guy you take for a spin and recommend to friends.

    I’d bag him, have a blast, and pass him on. :)

  • He’s a complete waste of time. Looks like an arrogant shit, talks like an arrogant shit, is an arrogant shit

  • Women who think he is doing typical hot guy behavior and accept it are there own worst enemies. He is a total douche bag, he’s a narcississtic pic which is way worse than a mysoginistic male that he holds himself up against. He’s a f in liar, self centered asshole. He probably has all kinds of cooties too, gross is about right.

  • There are people that really consider that *that* bad? Seriously? You must be kidding. Women *fawn* over “hot guys” *worse* than men fawn over hot women (at least average and below average women can still easily have a fling if they want one). Do women really not understand that the endless worship they heap on the clearly obvious “hot guy” is just going to inflate their ego *that much more*?

    I think as badly as men fail to understand women, the reverse is even more extreme. I will help to enlighten (this one is free)

    Generally, in any group of 10 guys, there are 9 that are lucky to get a woman to look their way once a year, and then there is the 1 that has had sex with half of the neighborhood.

    Do this experiment… Take a random group of guys aged 20-40. HONESTLY find out how many partners they’ve had (hook them up to a polygraph and pay them $5).

    The results will go like this: “3”, “4”, “1”, “2”, “150”, “4”, “3”, “1”, “90”. LOL.

    I completely agree with “anonymous”. Women *reward* and *encourage* this by immediately jumping on these guys. As “Tara” above says, take him for a “spin” and then “pass him to a friend”. *That* is reality. Women have 2-3x more partners than the average guy, but its because there is ONE guy that has had all of them.

    Once women get older and more tired, they finally settle for some average schmuck so they can have kids and stability. They then complain that he sucks in bed (since he’s had zero experience) and 50% of them (statistically) start up an affair with the exact same type of asshole they’ve always rewarded in the past. Meanwhile the idiot husband cant figure out how to get his wife to throw something his way more than once a month and the “online advice” sites tell him its his fault for not making life easier for her!

    As these “genetic lotto winner” guys go, who get endless play from women no matter how badly they treat them, Levine is actually pretty decent!

    • Huh? Adam levine is not that good looking. i can’t stand Maroon 5 he’s sings like a little girl and I can’t STAND “moves like jagger”. That song is an insult to Mick Jagger who if I would have been alive back in the day would have had an open invitation 24/7:D. Seriously though, your post is kind of depressing.. I never thought of things that way.. Are you sure? This can’t be the norm.

    • Clearly as men and to improve the odds, we must locate these 1 in 10 guys and neuter them.

      Who’s up for starting with the ass hat in the article?

      Seriously, I can’t even remember what he’s called and I can’t be bothered to scroll up and find out.

  • I think Adam Levine doesn’t realize what he sounds like in this interview. He seems like the sort of Guy who doesn’t give a damn about what others think but it doesn’t make us statements okay.

  • @article’s author

    You’re a snob

    when people interpret things however they want
    it just makes them snobs

    you were very clear in your stance though

    You’re a snob

    Besides when i see Adam
    i remember he wrote, “i don’t mind spending every day
    out on your corner in the pouring rain
    look for the girl with the broken smile”

  • I love adam but I think he’s pretty stupid,”I love women that’s why I sleep with them”,s.m.h…..follow @rhaydioactive on twitter

  • IDK but Adam Levine should really watch the stupid things he says or he’s gonna end up like John Mayer. What kind of guy brags about how much he gets laid in a magazine that millions of women are going to read? A man that’s about to stop getting laid once women read the article.

    • Wait a second: You think him saying in this article that he uses the “pullout method” to avoid pregnancy is okay? He basically just advertised that if you have sex with him there is a good chance he’s gonna give you an STD. He doesn’t wear condoms. Either that or he was making a bad joke..

      • surly your not talking about Adam would think he would be smart enough to wear a condom as many partners he has had.

      • yes he said he uses the “pullout” method to avoid pregnancy in the article. she doesn’t have the paragraph where he says this posted but if you read the whole article it’s there. That’s why I think his article was so gross. he sounds like a frat boy.

  • Think he expresses self awareness and not afraid to admit it. In addition, it appears to be some apparent personal growth. He is an accomplished artists that knows how to obtain the attention he seeking; unafraid to express it is his inspiration. We are all are attention seekers btw. Human nature but he has true, appealing talent. The new album release is an example of him evolving and he really does push his voice differently.

  • The problem with all you Twatzis (rhymes with and sounds like Nazis for a reason.. a new breed of feminized retards with vaginas stomping around aggressively thinking men will oblige their every nonsensical whimsical queefing desire is a joke) is that you don’t have a clue that your gender is so paradoxically moronic you’ll say one thing and do another, say you want a nice guy and then let some douche nail you and pretend it was just that one time, you pretend to hate us alphas, and in reality we don’t give a crap what comes out of your mouths because we know we can nail you or your girlfriends at any given moment when you stop your fussing and pissing and moaning, and want some attention, which is the narcissistic part of all female psyche’s that any man can exploit if he wants to get laid… and Adam Levine is simply talking trash because he can and will always get laid, even by some of your Twatzis pissing and moaning about it, guarantee if you were backstage at one of his concerts and he dropped trow, you’d be kneeling down squealing “Oh Adam… ” . The biggiest problem with women is that they never shut up and rarely make sense even to themselves. Go squeal some more like stuck pigs.. nothing new under the sun. The guy is a multi millionaire and probably banged Agui’fuckn’lera too, like Eminem called her out.. she’s a hobag, gotta’ “switch me chairs and sit next to Carson Daily and Fred Durst”… cuz Adam Levine is getting his nut off on Christina and Britney. The whole scene is full-o-whorez… get over it. You’re home wanking your little man in the canoe with some rubber ducky, typing on your keyboard like he gives a crap. Who wrote this article? Likely some douche who can’t get a date, has a giant hairbush from the 70’s, HPV and herpes, and sleeps with her 6 cats, and a Maroon5 poster over her bunkbed… LOSA… like millions of sad and sadistically brainwashed pathetic twats these days. Your “independence” means you’re sadly dependant on Pfizer for all your meds… pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft. Next time you publically queef an article out like this, please do us the courtesy of posting your IP addy so we can tune into your webcam of loneliness with the cats in your NYC loft.

    • What the hell is wrong with you? Adam Levine isn’t Alpha. MicK Jagger is Alpha and whoever Woemnrnutz is is a creep. Perfect example of why gorgeous women are grossed out by your type of guy and start dating eachother.

    • Dude, I just read this thread again cause it was so crazy and all Ican say is whatever meds YOU are on aren’t working. Me thinks you’re the one that’s crazy. You need to hit Pfizer up for some anit-psychotics..

    • Dude I do not know who stomped on you but she did one hell of a job for you to rant on and on as you have done. Talk about Pfizer, you sound like you are seriously off your meds!

    • Hey from guy to guy…. no Alpha could get turned on by women (or men) as being “turned on” relinquishes any control.

      Could you explain to me how being a chauvinistic, straight male works? Do you hate yourself after sleeping with a gender you so obviously hate?

      haha, weirdo…

      • Look at all the hurt women replying to the guy’s TRUTH!
        He doesn’t mean ALL women, he just means YOU! So many females are like what he wrote. They make many a men cringe with their behavior and attitude. I thank God for the good ones, albeit just a few. But they do exist. Just not you.
        Good writing.

  • Me thinks that WomenRNuts wrote this garbage trying to get us riled up or he’s the biggest creep I’ve seen in a while. And what’s wrong with sleeping with 6 cats? Other than a bit of cat hair (lint brushes fix that), they don’t snore, fart and turn into total jerks when they wake up. A lint brush can’t fix that.

  • I’d like any male to dare tell us that if they were in his shoes with the ability to have most women tjey want (whether deserving or not is not the issue here), they would not do the same? Of course they would. Any of them is lying if they deny it. Men are dawgs if given a chance. WE all know that so attacking Adam is senseless. He’s just out in the open about it. I’m more offended by his insistence to prance around shirtless ALL the time. He might be more sexy if he didn’t try to flaunt so much. Lesson to you guys!

  • What I learned from this thread: Women think men are dogs and men think women are crazy.

  • I have very limited exposure to this person but do know who he is and remember him because the first song they did I thought they had female lead vocalist and was shocked to find it was a man. Personally I find his music very lame! Next exposure was on the alleged talent show which I found equally lame so I for one am kinda glad he is showing how impressive he is for all to see!

  • fuck everybody whos againts Adam if u dont love him why do u give a fuck about what he says.he likes sleeping with girls,big woop what sexy-popstar-male doesn’t.Adam has a incredble life and he doesnt need people like you ruining it

  • really? how are we “ruining” it? you really think he reads this blog? If he did bother to read it do think he would care what we said about him? he’s got a pretty good opinion of himself already. I’m sorry I just don’t think he’s sexy. Alex Skarsgard is sexy.

  • Wow. Who would believe one doucher pop singer could generate so much gender nonsense? And yes, definitely, “What was her name and what did she do to you?”

  • Finally,oneday u meet a girl that u will be forced to bow front of her……..Sooner or later

  • Adam Levine is the coolest guy in the world, Maroon 5 is one of the best bands of all time. Fuck you all.

  • I hope that he is straight and is one of those discreet straight guys who likes to fuck less masculine guys and let them suck him off. I sure would like to be one of the guys to service him. He is so FUCKING HOT i can’t stand it!!! He makes me want to jump into the television set everytime i see him.

  • Just like the very first poster, I called it years back: Levine is a pretentious, air-headed, over-hyped d-o-u-c-h-e. He’s attractive, but I guarantee there are hotter guys who are smarter, humbler, and genuinely respectful of women.

    Any woman who falls for Levine’s type needs to set higher standards for herself.

  • He didn’t get any in high school…typical reformed nerd bad behavior
    These are always the worst womanizers
    Meanwhile the good lookin popular guys in high school get over adoles cent behavior and make best husbands
    People always think its the opposite
    But if you are 25and over go with the good looking guy who was popular in high school not the nerd who is ok looking

  • Womaniser basically. He “loves” them to get in their pants and pretty much admits it. What’s worse is he’s showing that he views women as nothing more than sexual objects. Is this how a woman really wants to be treated? I truly don’t believe Mr. Levine “understands” women as much as he thinks he does. Or maybe he’s just that arrogant he cannot refrain from making himself sounding like a total pig. He’s used his success to fuel his addiction, like so many. Minus the money and fame, 9 times out of 10 any average Joe acting like this would get slapped in the face. It’s all fun and games until Adam contracts HIV from one of his groupies. As this man postures, I think it’s to cover up some severe insecurity. He’s either totally bluffing, or sexually confused. When the hormones wear off, I don’t believe either is considered attractive.

  • Geez, give him a break! Have you ever heard of making tongue-in-a-cheek comments? And HE does know he sound like a little girl, he said it himself. He doesn’t pretend or try to be someone else than himself. You are the very people who put celebrities on a pedestal by reacting to everything they do or say but did they arm twist you in putting them there? SMH! You’re the ones who should get over yourselves, bunch of pharisaic haters!

  • My name is Tara, and the comment above close to the start of this, by another Tara echoes my sentiments exactly. I’d certainly take him for a spin and hit him again when he’s in town but I’m a Pisces and I like to be alone but everyone needs lovin sometimes. just dont leave your germs from previous test drives and im cool. Adam is a Pisces too I believe. Just had his 34th. I took my mom to see him tonight and she was giddy. She’d hit that too!!! Lmao. I’m 32 so she could be his mom.

  • I’ve worked with this dickhead. He is the most hypocritical, insecure, ignorantly judgmental woman-hating diva asshole you can image. He is only nice when he is in control (aka: a 20 year old ugly girl model who adores him, pleaser friends who use him for his name and influence, etc etc etc). Total douche who has a microscopic pecker and is petrified of losing his hair. Seriously would he take his overexposed bullshit and go away, please?

  • A shallow, air-head worshiped my millions of other ignorant air-heads. And only the youngest, most immature, dumbest girls have a thing for this guy…..amazing that some women can’t see through this plastic douche-bag….

  • I hate that dump truck that he is with because she is ugly. And I hope the stupid baby dies and she dies too, everytime I look up adam that thing has to come too. that idoit