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The Cast of Snow White and the Huntsman Reads 50 Shades of Grey

And yes, it’s the most magical thing that ever happened. And by “magical,” I mean “hilarious.” And by “hilarious,” I mean “Charlize Theron is one of the coolest ladies in the business and Kristen Stewart actually smiled and laughed in an interview.” This is the power of the sure-to-be classic tome that is 50 Shades of Grey. It’s undeniable at this point, isn’t it?

If this didn’t convince you that Kristen Stewart is perfect for the lead in the movie, then I don’t know what will. Ooh, and maybe Charlize could play Mrs. Robinson, right? She could also play all the other female roles, and Chris Hemsworth could take over all the male roles while Sam Claflin, the completely adorable guy who plays the prince, could take the role of Christian. That way, everyone could just film the movie during the promotion for Snow White and the Huntsman, and it would undoubtedly be better than any mess they’ll end up making in a studio. Wouldn’t you love to see that movie?

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  • I think the perfect cast on 50 Shades of Grey are Kristen Stewart as Ana(she’s young and innocent) Charlize Theron as Mrs. Robinson(a strong willed woman) Chris Hemsworth as Christian (he really looks Dominant) Isla Fisher as Mia (’cause she’s so energetic) Leighton Meester as Kate (she has a strong personality) Sam Claflin as Ethan (quiet personality) he might be good to play as Christian but he doesn’t have that Dom personality, and Chris Evans as Elliott (really has a body of a builder and playboy) . For me i think these people are perfect cast for the movie. Hopefully the Director would choose the right actors to play the part on 50 Shades of Grey.