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Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ Video is Here

You know, it just does not matter to me, no matter how old Justin Bieber gets, he’s always going to be that whiny, weird, floppy-haired little kid singing “Baby, baby, baby oh baby,” and that’s just not hot. Neither is this video. And did he really say, “Say hello to falsetto”? Because that’s the cheesiest thing since Velveeta. Even though, you know, Velveeta’s not, like, real cheese. And the “rapping” really kills me. Seriously. I’m dead over here.

All I know is that I’m super, super glad that I’m not a young girl growing up in 2012. Because while my generation had to deal with the likes of *N Sync, the Backstreet Boys, and Hanson, that’s way better than experiencing little Justin Bieber and his crap-bag music at such a tender young age. I just can’t imagine how I would have turned out otherwise. I guess when you’re so busy “changing the world of music,” small, insignificant things (like musical quality) tend to slip through the cracks. I get it—it happens.

Are you guys thrilled over ‘Boyfriend’? For those of you who waited for it anxiously, is it everything you ever dreamed and more? And last, can we finally, now, stop talking about Justin Bieber since it’s pretty clear that the music isn’t going to change? Ever?

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