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Olivia Wilde is the New Legs of Revlon

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I mean “new face”! New face! Even though I’m completely captivated by her legs, more specifically her calves, we’re talking about her beautiful face. I definitely mean her legs. Er, face.

OK. Let’s be real, here. Girlfriend Olivia Wilde has got some real legs, and I’m not talking about those stick-thin toothpicks that the J. Crew toothpick jean was designed for (and that my ass is never getting into), and I’m so on board with it, because … well, see, I think I’ve found my celebrity leg-twin. Seriously. I’m not going to lie when I say that I have some generous calves for whatever reason (seriously? I only run when I’m being chased, and I haven’t been chased by anything or anyone worth running from since at least 22 or 23), and it’s apparent that Olivia Wilde here, does, too! I’m not going to say that I’m sensitive or anything about my calves, because I’ve been over that pick-a-body-part-and-lament-it-hard thing for ages now, but I can say that I did struggle with my less-than-ballerina-sized legs for awhile when I was in high school.

On the flip side of this, please: don’t get me wrong—there’s nothing wrong with stick-thin legs, and I’m not intimating that at all, but to me, it’s good to see that I’m not the only one in the world that has these, um, “athletic” legs, as I like to refer to them as, or “sturdy” as my husband so lovingly calls them. I prefer “athletic,” myself, but hey. Legs are legs are legs, and while, for the longest time, I would have loved to have legs like Kristen Stewart’s (fig. 1), I got over that when I realized that it just wasn’t the way my lower body was shaped. Later, I finally came to terms with the fact that I’m more of a Shakira (fig. 2) than a Stewart and I gave up the “want what I cannot have” thing that plagued me for so long.

I’ve successfully rambled on about legs for an entire three hundred words, now, so I’m going to just leave the rest of these lovely photos of the beautiful, capable, admirable Olivia Wilde here doing her thing for Revlon, and doing it well—her and her pretty legs.

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  • She’s so pretty. I just wish she’d go back to her dark hair, it’s so much nicer on her!

  • Normally I think she is super pretty but these photos are not doing her any kind of justice. Maybe it’s the lip colour mixed with the hair colour..I don’t know, but she definitely does not look that fantastic.

  • We must be leg twins too! My legs are slim enough, but they’re shapely, not sticky – I will always have calves and thighs no matter how skinny I get. But you know what? They’re sexy – go us!

  • Why in the world would someone not want shapely calves? They’ve been a sign of beauty forever and have nothing to do with fat.

  • Growing up, I used to hate my calves! Now I like that they have some shape to them. I remember the first time I saw a picture of Olivia (and Michelle Trachenwhatever) not in pants and was like “YES!!”