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Justin Bieber Is Changing The World of Music

A photo of Justin Bieber

But hey, nothing we didn’t know already right?

In case you missed it, musical prodigy and legend Justin Bieber recently released a new single called “Boyfriend.” It was beautifully written with such sound musical structure and superb lyrics, not to mention perfectly performed. Here it is, one more time:

With that stunning song fresh in our minds, it should come as no surprise that producer Mike Posner has nothing but wonderful things to say about Justin and his new album:

“I think our goal was to make something that me and my friends could listen to in the car,” Posner explained. “I think we’ve all known Justin since he was 13, and that’s not the kid I was in the studio with anymore. He’s an 18-year-old. He skateboards with Lil Wayne and hangs out with Lil Twist. Those are his homies. And he listens to hip-hop and he’s a really cool kid. He’s not like a corny guy.

“So I wanted to make something that reflected who he is now and who he is going to continue to be,” Posner added. “We’re still working more on the project and it sounds really incredible. I think people have been waiting [for] when he’s going to turn that corner, and the time is now.”

Believe isn’t going to change just Bieber’s career, but all of pop music, Posner added. “He’s kind of bringing soul back, and rhythm and blues back and definitely hip-hop into his music. I’m really excited to see how it’s going to change the landscape, and I know a lot of artists are going to have to go back to the drawing board.”

I really appreciate how Mike Posner here took the time to say all this. He made a lot of really good points! I like how he said that Justin is “not like a corny guy,” because honestly, with Justin’s new lyrics, some uniformed people might think he’s just being corny, and that’s not true! When he says things like “swag swag swag on you, chillin’ by the fire while we eatin’ fondue,” he’s being so sincere. It’s so touching!

I also love that Posner noted that Justin’s new music is going to “change the landscape” and that “a lot of artists are going to have to go back to the drawing board.” Personally, I think that Justin changed the landscape back with his amazingly unique hit “Baby,” so it’s exciting to hear about how much more totally original music we’re going to get soon!

Are you guys pumped or what?!

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