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Kim Kardashian Is Running for Mayor

A photo of Kim Kardashian

It’s true: if you live in Los Angeles, specifically Glendale, then it might be time to pack up and find a new neighborhood, because in about five years’ time, Kim Kardashian is going to attempt to run your town.

From E! Online:

Seeing how Kim Kardashian has pretty much done it all, what’s left?

Well, if the E! reality star has her way, she may someday be entering the political arena!

Yep. You read that right.

In the above bonus clip from Khloé & Lamar (airing Sundays at 10 p.m. on E!), Kim tells sister Khloé Kardashian Odom, “I’ve decided I’m going to run for the mayor of Glendale.”

However, Kim goes on to explain that “you have to have residency” in the Los Angeles suburb, so she plans on buying a home in the area.

“It’s going to be in, like, five years,” she says of actually pursuing her political ambitions in a city where many of the residents share Kim’s Armenian roots.

Fortunately for Kim, it looks like she already has a couple of influential folks on her side.

“I would support her,” Glendale City Councilman Rafi Manoukian told E! News. “I think she would make an excellent mayor.”

Meanwhile, City Councilman and former Glendale mayor Ara Najarian said he thinks “it’s a great idea,” adding, “I have offered her the position of honorary chief of staff to my office to help her get acquainted to Glendale.”

Najarian went on to explain that to be mayor of Glendale, Kim would have to run for city council, from which they elect the mayor. The term would last one year.

According to the Glendale City Clerk’s Office, there have been no inquiries yet from any potential candidates regarding the 2017 Glendale municipal elections.

I can’t tell what’s crazier: the fact that Kim actually thinks she has a chance of pursuing a political career, or the fact that other politicians are supporting her. Did everyone forget that Kim is famous for making a sex tape, being an entitled brat, and having a gigantic ass? Those are her credentials. That’s what Kim Kardashian does. But no, for sure, let her be in charge of a town. Sounds like a great idea.

Oh wait, I think I figured out what’s craziest about this whole thing. It’s Kim’s insistence on wearing the most awful pants she can find. That’s the truly insane part of all of this. Look at those things. That’s headed your way, Glendale.

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    • You support using a political position to teach someone job responsibility? You cray cray. Support her going to your town bro.

  • I was seriously stressed out when you didn’t mention those pants right off. I was afraid you wouldn’t say anything. Don’t scare me like that.

  • And just another instance of her ignorance–although Glendale does have a Mayor, the position isn’t a publicly elected position. The city council members are elected publicly, and those members elect the Mayor. What an idiot!

    Kim: Try getting a high school dipolma first, or GED, and then stop spouting off about things you know nothing about. Also, being a mayor IS NOT a popularity contest; it’s an actual JOB! You know, the kind where you actually have to WORK?!!! Gheesh.

  • I’m also from Glendale, and I have never been more thrilled in my life to have moved away from home. It’s not even the fact that she’s considering running that frightens me–it’s the fact that public officials are actually supporting this idiot’s move as if it’s not a clear sign of the impending apocalypse.