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Anna Paquin is Having a Baby

photo of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer pics true blood photos
From Entertainment Weekly:

True Blood costars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are expecting, their reps confirmed to EW today. The pregnancy is Paquin’s first; Moyer, 42, has two children from previous relationships. Paquin, 29, is due this fall. The couple were married in Malibu, Calif., in 2010 after meeting on the set of True Blood ‘s pilot season in 2007.

Isn’t that so, so great? I’m always like, “Wow,” too, when I remember that Anna Paquin is only twenty-nine years old, because I’ll be twenty-nine in June, and it always floors me that, though Anna seems to have been around as an adult my entire waking life, she’s just a few months older than I am. And she’s so hot, but she’s married to that Stephen Moyer dude. Much like I am over how some people are all obsessed with Alexander Skarsgard (or maybe it’s just True Blood and vampires in general), I don’t get this guy’s appeal all that much, either. He’s OK, I guess, but all I’m saying is that this baby will be genetically blessed if it ends up looking more like its mother than its father, you know?

As for True Blood, this year’s series premiere airs on June 10th, a mere three days before I turn twenty-nine. The premiere is highly anticipated by its following, and I won’t be watching. Oh! And also, how are they going to tie this into True Blood‘s story line for next year, if it’s renewed*? Are the show’s developers going to pull a Twilight and Sookie’ll give birth to a vampire baby? Is that going to explain why she’s growing a bulbous belly and is suffering debilitating morning sickness? Will there be bloodletting and vampire venom to help with the child’s delivery? Best of all, will there be werewolves present to assist in the process? Sure hope so!

*I’m totally kidding. I actually know nothing about this show. I mean, could this even potentially happen without some kind of infringement lawsuit, do you think?

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  • “And she’s so hot…” Nope. Not at all. I never understood the appeal, at least physically. Also, I had to stop watching True Blood because her over-acting was killing me. And yet I still kind of like her…

    • I agree. I see nothing hot or attractive about this girl, and she is a pretty bad actress as well. Maybe she’s considered hot because she has no qualms about taking her clothes off? Seems like that’s the only standard for attractiveness these days.

  • Anna’s look is weird. She can appear somewhat cute in some camera angles, but then a total troll face in others. Appearance aside; I feel her acting is pretty good. I do not find Stephen attractive at all. I love True Blood though.

    Alexander is similar to anna regarding looks – sometimes he appears sexy other times he appears to be talking to you with his forehead. Weird. Maybe it is the director of True Blood and insane camera trickery. lol