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This Would Be Kim Kardashian’s Real Butt

photo of kim kardashian in the dominican republic real butt ass pic
Look, it’s Kim Kardashian’s ass on vacation! She’s really taking it easy here, huh? Letting it all hang out, thinking that no one’s there to catch her while she suns her ass … ets. Everyone deserves a vacation, guys. Even lying, cheating, famesluts. That’s probably one of the most difficult, trying jobs of all. You’d need a few days off, too, if you were her.

Also, see this photo of Kim grabbing Wendy’s at the airport in the Dominican Republic on her way home? This one?:

photo of kim kardashian dominican republic airport pics
I was there. Like, literally. I remember how unbelievably open-air the airport was and I marveled at the fact that there were actual operating restaurants inside. I, too, chose the Wendy’s on my way home from the DR, and it was a good choice. See, here’s a photo of me from back in the day eating my Wendy’s and drinking my beers pre-flight:

photo of sarah taylor spangenberg dominican republic trip pics
Don’t laugh, I know. I was wearing my glasses and no bra because I had packed all lacy things and lace sucks on a fresh tan, and also, I was pretty hungover. Plus, if you couple those things with the facts that I was leaving paradise to return to cold weather + no air conditioning during meal time, you’d probably have a sadmad face, too. Anyway, we’re not here to discuss my un-photogenic-ness. We’re here to talk about the validity of Kim Kardashian’s ass. It’s real, guys. There’s no doubt about that. Even though, yeah, she’s Photoshopped for days in all of her ads and staged photo ops and you normally can’t tell her tits from her ass, but these pictures, guys. These pictures. There’s a definite ass-tits differential there, and if – if! – Kim’s ass has been surgically altered (a notion that I’m starting think is wrong more and more as the days go by), then she’s definitely closed up shop on the upkeep and maintenance of her plastic parts. Don’t get me wrong, though, now: it’s a fine, fine ass. It’s just not an ass that I’d pay money for, you know?
And she shouldn’t have, either, if she wasn’t willing to take proper care of the thing.

Bikini images courtesy of The Superficial

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