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Angelina Jolie Really Better Watch Her Back

photo of jennifer lawrence io magazine pictures photos pics hot 2012
No, she really better, because if Brad Pitt really wants a piece of Jennifer Lawrence here, then not only does he deserve it, because she’s so hot and so is he, but he’s going to have a damn hard time resisting everything – everything! – she’s got going on, because wow. Girlfriend is f-cking on fire. These photos of Jennifer for IO Donna magazine, for example. She’s pretty covered up in comparison to a lot of cover models who are of-the-moment, and she still completely smokes all of the half-nude floozies that come and go in a minutes’ time. That’s real seduction right there, guys. Man. And then there’s this, which is the actual cover of the magazine:

photo of jennifer lawrence io magazine donna pictures photos
Man. Right? Right? Anyway. Here are a few snippets from the interview, which are probably rough translations, and like all of the castmembers on Jersey Shore, I don’t know any Italian except for the naughty words. Enjoy!

On whether she feels ready for this big change [Ed. Note: becoming a major A-list star, I’m assuming]:
“Yes, I’m ready, but also terrified. But then how do you feel ready for something you do not know? I … I’m afraid.”

On being discovered:
“By pure chance. I was 14, I was in New York with my mother, standing on the sidewalk watching a rap-dancer, when a guy with a camera comes up and asks permission to take a picture. ‘Why not?’ my mother says, amused … In New York anything can happen. After a week I got a call at home and was asked to make a commercial. In short, I became a model, but without much enthusiasm. My agent, however, was always there, hammering: ‘Would you rather be a successful model or actress who is starving?’ For goodness sake, I have not had a moment’s hesitation.”

On the runaway success of the ‘Hunger Games’ trilogy:
“We live in a world obsessed with reality shows, we use the personal tragedies to entertain the audience and we want to shock people to succeed.”

On where she sees herself in a few years:
“With a family and many children. Acting is my job, but it is only a small part of my life, certainly not the most important. What really counts for me is to build lasting bonds.”

So, so cool. She wants kids! Brad Pitt just loves kids! Many kids, too! And I bet she’d actually marry him, too. Unlike, you know, some people that’ve probably missed that boat as it were.

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  • Sorry, but I absolutely don’t get the hype. She is absolutely average. Average looks (if you substract all the make-up and photoshop efforts), average acting skills (I was seldomly so underwhelmed of a movie as I was of The Hunger Games), average EVERYTHING! She is about as distinct as a bag of Doritos and I am already mightily aggravated by the fuss EB is cooking up here!

    • She’s great! Her acting on THG was great. I don’t care much for her looks but since you mentioned it I don’t think she’s GORGEOUS, but I don’t think that matters. She’s a great actress.

  • Where did this rumor even start? Their priorities in life are totally different and I seriously doubt he’d jeopardize his childrens happiness for a girl of the moment. It just seems like salacious scandal for the pure sake of entertainment, and without any merit.

    • The fucking rumor started in a fourth grade tabloid and now people are actually running with it. So fucking random and pointless.

      On another note, how can you say Lawrence is average? Her face isn’t the most stunning in all the world, yes, but her body is damn near perfect. She’s also an awesome actress

  • @Elaine~ She is so far beyond average with her acting skills. Watch Winter’s Bone sometime. I also loved her as Mystique. I haven’t seen The Hunger Games yet but I know she’ll do a wonderful job as Katniss too.

  • Too much photoshop, she looks indeed like Rosie Huntington -Whiteley, and she’s pretty in her own way. We all know what she looks like, she doesn’t need to have half her face blurred.

  • omg how the hell are people saying she’s average?! Like what is attractive to you people? because she’s mind bogglingly hot. And she does happen to be a good actress, hence the ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATION for BEST ACTRESS.

  • Angie’s distant disdainful stare and her child army giving the stink eye would break Lawrence like a twig..

  • Just because the ACADEMY thinks someone does some good acting I do not necessarily feel inclined to do so as well, but I will try to have a look at the movie recommended.
    Concerning her looks: she definitely looks different on red carpet pictures and with PhotoShop even Mrs. Mary Miller from across the street can appear to be “boggingly hot”.
    Ok ok ok… I have to admit, I like Angelina Jolie. So I am somewhat partial on that one. ;)