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Jon and Kate Gosselin Are Classy, Fighting on Twitter

photo of jon gosselin and kate gosselin pictures
Did you hear? These two asshats were going at one another through Twitter like crazy yesterday, and there are a couple screen shots to prove it:

That was Kate’s doing right there, when one of her followers accused her of being unprofessional because Kate’s an asshole and has a really hard time keeping her mouth shut about her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin. And, you know, has a hard time keeping her mouth shut about anything, really. So naturally, when Kate heard that people were tripping over her backhanded jibes about how Jon’s always been an unfit parent, Jon fired back and had this to say:

It gets even better! When Jon was asked by one of his followers if he missed Kate and their doomed relationship at all, he said, “hahahahaha, best joke of the night, r u kidding me, really?”

Good to see that some things (except for faces and bodies) never change, no matter how old, how famous, or how “drama-free” you claim to be. Way to go, guys. Especially you, Kate. I know Jon’s supposed to be this, like, big-time loser who has a – gasp! – normal job and lays low and that makes him some kind of pathetic commoner in your eyes, but come on. How long are you going to keep thinking that people are taking you seriously and that’s why you are where you are? You’re a freak show, lady. Woman up and get out of it, alright? Damn.

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