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Love It or Leave It: What the Hell is Ke$ha Wearing?

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Sigh. Just when we thought she was doing so well, guys, she goes and does something like this. What IS this, anyway? Is it a jumper? Is it a pantsuit? Is it a unitard? Not sure. Is it a damn hot mess? Yes. Yes, it is.

The only thing I can appreciate about the getup? The orange nails. I actually like them. And the makeup’s not horrible, but that’s probably because she doesn’t have metal spikes in place of her eyebrows and she’s not wearing lipstick that makes her look like she fellated a smurf. Sloppily.

So what, I have to wonder, is Ke$ha going through that she’s actually dressed … well, down? I guess we could consider this “down,” because she’s wearing something that covers her entire body, and it isn’t an ugly, ugly bathing suit, but what prompted the change? Is it the baby seals? Is she so worried that it’s beginning to take its toll on her fashion choices? Is her wardrobe the thing that’s got to suffer in all this in addition to the baby seals?

I don’t know. I guess it’s not so bad. If someone with actual fashion sense were wearing it, I might have to tear them a new asshole because of it. But this is Ke$ha we’re talking about, and almost anything is an improvement upon what she normally has going on. So can we talk about a celebrity that I *don’t* have to hit the shift key for halfway through typing their first name now?

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