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Ke$ha Is Still Worried About The Baby Seals

Way back last April, Ke$ha did an ad for PETA to speak out against the clubbing of poor little baby seals. As usual, everyone was either all “ugh, PETA” or “yay, PETA,” but that meant that no one really got the point. The point was that underneath all that glitter and semen, Ke$ha really has a heart of gold. And as you can see by the new video she did with the Humane Society, that heart of gold is still shining on.

Because I enjoy it and it’s an easy way to start a discussion, I’m going to provide a list of comments and questions for your perusal:

– I’m not super familiar with the clubbing of seals, so I’m not going to make any bold statements. I know that people have clubbed seals in the past, and that’s sad, but I’ve read that the clubbing of seals is actually illegal, or if not illegal, then it’s very very rarely done. What’s up with this, please?

– And why just baby seals? Is there an age limit of clubbable seals? I’m really not trying to make a joke, I’m just curious.

– Speaking of baby seals, BABY SEALS. How adorable is this video? You know, besides all the parts about the baby seals dying, and that one weird shot of some dude running up to a seal and raising a club over his head.

– What’s with Ke$ha’s voice? Judging by that flatness, she really doesn’t seem too concerned about the baby seals, does she? She was able to convey much, much more passion when she was commenting on the fabled buffet of dicks than when she speaks about the deaths of animals she cares about. That’s weird, huh?

– But really, these seals are so, so incredibly precious. I can’t even with this, it’s too much.

Did I miss anything?

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  • Yes, you missed a whole lot while blabbing away, but hey-ho, this is a perfectly normal part of your job as a celeb gossip blogger. That, by the way, is genuinely said with the utmost respect for the profession, especially considering that some of the writing here is eons better than the “news” themselves.

    As for clubbing baby seals, duh. PETA or no PETA, it’s an appalling thing to do, but people apparently still do it regardless of the fact it’s illegal (or at least morally wrong). Just like they do tiger poaching, natural gas fraking, women trafficking, child pornography, and, say, bullying gay people. It’s just people are assholes.

  • I don’t think seal clubbing is illegal in Canada, only for young and baby seals.

    A huge problem though, with less seals being killed is that the fish populations are drastically diminishing in certain areas.

    Chain reactions, folks.

  • Ha! Another grumpy purple man with glasses :D

    Of course, fish population. Every atrocity can be easily rationalized. But is clubbing the best way to keep seal population in control? Besides, who said that people have more right to have the fish than seals?! Which proves my point – people are assholes.

    • Fisherman are not assholes… They need to make a living like everyone else and in small population areas sometimes fishing are their only option…

    • Honestly, clubbing isn’t that horrible. Hunters know where to club the seal so that it isn’t in pain. In my opinion, it’s the same as any kind of hunting (whether by rifle, crossbow, hook, etc). As long as the animal isn’t in any unnecessary pain.

      Honestly, get over it. Animals are killed each day to feed you or cloth you, and just because a seal is cuter than a chicken or a pig doesn’t mean it’s any different.

      • Actually Dani, clubbing is not humane. And no, they don’t know where to “hit” them. It is violent and cruel. They are babies and have never seen humans so they usually just go right up to them. Then the person beats them until they die. There is no “right spot”. People like you make me sick. Educate yourself so you don’t sound like an idiot. Bet you wear fur and think its no big deal. Why don’t you watch how they kill them and how they raise them for that beautiful jacket. Unless you have no soul, you will change your mind.

  • It’s not illegal in 5 or 6 countries. The Inuit people traditionally killed them for their meat and their fur.
    Commercial seal hunters (or whatever they’re called) only club the baby ones because they are killing them for their fur. And the reason they club them is because it damages the fur less.
    As to who is actually BUYING this fur, who the hell knows. it’s ridiculous.

  • #1 People don’t kill baby seals..
    #2 Idiot Paul McCartney might as well say he kills baby seals even though he supposedly against it. They go up to the bay seals and pet them by leaving their scent their mothers abandon them and they starve..
    #3 Dani’s right. The only ones I know who kills them are people who want a nice stew or fisherman who are trying to save their jobs. In fishing villages, if there is no fish there are no jobs which alot of people depend on.
    #4 I couldn’t kill a seal myself and I dont like that it’s done but people gotta do what they gotta do to provide for themselves.

  • Ok people. Since some of you sound like cruel and heartless people, I would love it if you could all take about 3 minutes of your time and watch the link I provided.

    Look, I’m not against hunting. I eat meat. However, this is a cruel and violent act of man. This is not humane. These babies don’t know what humans are, so they just sit there while these “hunters” run up and beat them to death. Half the time they aren’t even dead when they bring them back or start to skin them. These are not the natives, most are people from companies that are brought in to do this for the fur and meat trade. The natives do it to survive, these people do it for vanity. I do not believe in wearing fur or eating veal. If you do, it is your responsibility to watch how those animals are raised and killed. If you can watch that and still not feel compassion for those animals, hey, wear all the fur you can and eat all the veal you can stomach. I know I eat other meat, but we always do cage free and we also buy the meat in bulk (where you and a group of people get together, pick your meat and you split the cow between so many other people, the cow is raised on a farm, you can go and visit it and when it’s slaughtered, it’s done in a humane way, no fear or pain) Please for the sake of the animals, watch the video and watch others so you can make educated comments. Until then, don’t make uneducated comments. If you “love” animals, or have a dog/cat (or whatever) then you owe it to them to watch.

    Ke$ha is doing good in this world. Believe it or not. And I really respect her more as a human. It’s up to us to treat each other right, animals included.

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