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Kelis Tells PETA to Eff Off

Kelis loves fur and she’s not trying to hide it, either, by saying that it’s fake or leftovers of a Britney weave haircut or something.

While plenty of other celebrities are looking to stomp for the cause, Kelis is clearly not one of them, claiming that the organization is judgmental, hypocritical and kind of pointless — at least based on the way she claims they run. Kelis states that she’s a “complete carnivore” and would have “fur walls” if she could.

Put that in your furless vegan pipe and smoke it, PETA.

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  • This raises Kelis very high in my esteem column. All her comments are correct as stated. Not to say harvesting fur can’t be done more humanely than it is, and it should be, but that’s where I draw the line.
    The thing that creates fur creates red meat, neither of which is necessary for survivial. So all of you who ever eat a non-veggie hamburger, step to the left, please.

  • wow, i admire her balls.
    Peta is strikes fear in most celebrities, it was refreshing to see someone be honest about their love of fur.

  • She is a disgusting piece of trash! Sarah, are you are telling us that you are don’t see anything wrong with fur? Why don’t you go and see how fur is farmed and then lets see how you feel about it? People who don’t find anything wrong with the fur trade are satanic, insane human beings that should be ashamed of themselves. Like these atrocious celebrities that don’t deserve life.

    • Yeah, I never said that I supported fur harvesting either way. Personally, I think wearing fur is ugly and trashy-looking and I’d never be caught dead wearing it. But those are my own reasons.

    • I doubt that someone who were “satanic” and/or “insane” would be capable of feeling “Shame” and even if they could wouldn’t give a fuck whether you think they should or not.

    • First of all, this makes no sense: “are you telling us that you are don’t see anything wrong with fur?”

      Now that that’s cleared up, wow. Satanic? So, people who wear fur are Satanic? I have a lovely rabbit fur scarf that is absolutely amazing. It keeps my cold little neck warm in the winter. My little brother actually shot all of the rabbits in order to make the scarf, and we ate the rabbit. But I guess I should go die now, since I don’t deserve life. That sounds reasonable.

    • i only possess vintage furs but wanted to let you know that your comment has been the needed reminder for me…in recent years I have fallen away from my satan worshiping roots and like a prodigal need to return home.

  • Never even heard of the woman, but I agree with her 100%.

    PETA is such a bullshit organization anyways. They may have been respectable when they first started out, but just like Green Peace and other animal/environment groups they have become totally radicalized, and have lost all credibility.

    PETA trying to give lessons in morality.

    Sort of like Hitler and Human Rights.

    Piss-Off PETA.

  • This absolutely disgusts me. I am a vegetarian, but I’m not one of those who likes to preach. Don’t try to change me and I won’t try to change you. But when it comes to fur, it’s a different story for me. Personally, I don’t agree with alot of the things that PETA does; they have a tendency to go to the extreme. But they are right with their views on fur. It is absolutely disgusting and unneccasary. Animals are brutally killed; anally and vaginally electrocuted, sometimes skinned alive; just so someone can wear their skin around their neck for the sake of “fashion”. Disgusting.

  • Kelis is just another welfare baby who got famous. She is disgusting and so is your post Sarah for even remotely agreeing with this piece of trash.

      • Thanks for the new avatar Sarah. Much, much better. I think now that you are actually quite fuckable!

      • I would like to think it had something to do with my comments about your old avatar. In your new picture you still come across as youthful, and now I can see you are rather attractive. Now your comments will be taken more seriously because you now seem more mature. That last photo looked like such an extreme and desperate attempt to be cool, hip, current….whatever! In my opinion all it succeeded in doing was make you look foolish. It is going to be more difficult giving you shit now.

    • You referred to Kelis as a “welfare baby?” Really? Holy awkward racial undertones, Batman!

  • @ Sarah – here on EB we have been down the distressing road of talking about PETA – a group whose very existence is essential, given how out of control the animal industry is in this country, abuse is rife and if any single one of you saw what really goes on you would agree – could we please not have this discussion here anymore?

    • Piss off. Start your own website. You care about animals and yet want to subvert Freedom Of Speech. Nazi. Step away from the computer and go back to sucking Jesse’s dick. He has a court appearance to make. tick tick tick tick….

  • some issues with you all,
    1st off. Good Lord and your idea that Sarah’s work now has validity because she is hot or ” fuc@able”. grow up. have you looked at your avatar? apparently no one should listen to you because you are purple blob with horse teeth.
    3. PETA is shite, and the people that protest along with them are idiots. abuse of animals is one thing, but to protest legal fur trade, hunting etc is moronic. how bout when they protested Obama swatting a fly. one word. freaks. use your anger and hostility towards something useful, like helping the economy, education or energy issues we face today. We have WWF and other organizations to make sure we don’t abuse and mistreat animals. PETA is just a front for people who want to make headlines.

    finally Gabriella. you are a baby, if you can’t handle an issue or a topic go to another site for the day/week/year/lifetime. so please can you leave this topic until we have had our fill. boo freakin hoo

    • What I said was:

      “Now your comments will be taken more seriously because you now seem more mature.”
      Because her previous avatar made her “look foolish”

      Learn to read…learn to comprehend.

      I was making several points within the same post. You have to separate them. That is what intelligent people do. You just can’t run it all together and make it into one argument.

      It would be like your mom saying “hey asshole, I’m going to drive my car to the grocery store to get something to eat”, and you getting upset and calling your only friend in a panic and saying “my mom said she was hungry and is going to eat the floor mats in her car”.

      Grow up, get an education.

      “because you are purple blob with horse teeth.”

      Nice, especially coming from a pink sphincter with glasses!

    • So if someone doesn’t do the killing and gutting of any animal whose fur or hide they wear, meat they eat, whatever, then they should fuck off? You’re an idiot. So you don’t eat or wear anything animal based? No leather shoes? Not even a belt? You’re full of shit.

  • what a disgusting message to send out.

    it’s a good thing kelis is no longer relevant. nice try, sweetie, to get your name back on the radar by saying something controversial. all you achieved was exposing your own lack of morale and giving me a reason not to support you or your tasteless music… ew.

    • Brooke, all she did was respond to PETA’s fucking attack. She wasn’t trying to get her “name back on the radar”

      What do you do when someone goes after you? Take it like a man?